30 Seng Poh Road
#02-80 Tiong Bahru Market
Singapore 168898

07:00am - 07:30pm

07:00am - 07:30pm

07:00am - 07:30pm

07:00am - 07:30pm

07:00am - 07:30pm

07:00am - 07:30pm




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What you should order at Tiong Bahru Lor Mee (Tiong Bahru Market)

You should order this at Tiong Bahru Lor Mee (Tiong Bahru Market)

Reviews at Tiong Bahru Lor Mee (Tiong Bahru Market)

Reviews of good food at Tiong Bahru Lor Mee (Tiong Bahru Market)

Doused with plenty of vinegar and topped with a mountain of garlic is always the way I enjoy a bowl of lor mee.

Besides the essential noodles and gravy, this humble bowl also consisted of sliced ngoh hiang, fishcake, half an egg, sliced pork, a fried dumpling and deep fried fish nuggets! Found that the more vinegar and garlic we added, the tastier the lor mee actually became πŸ€” In addition, the stall owners were quite generous as well, what with them not reacting to customers who helped themselves with scarily huge amounts of vinegar and garlic! 😰

All in all, a pretty good bowl of lor mee worth the long-ass queue which snaked all the way to the nearby staircase (took about 20-25 minutes for us to get our food) πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

The area may be known for the lauded 178 Lor Mee that comes with fried shark meat, but most of the Tastemakers actually prefer the Lor Mee ($3) from this stall. Tastemaker Justin Teo likes that the ingredients are more flavourful here in comparison, especially the pork belly, which he describes to be sweet and well marinated. Add on extra for $1! The gravy too is a winner β€” flavourful and not just full of corn starch. Tastemaker Justin heard that the chilli at the stall is great, and plans to return soon to try. We would love to, too!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Justin Teo

A new discovery for me is the Tiong Bahru Lor Mee stall that is tucked in a corner of Tiong Bahru Food Centre, but it’s never quiet here as the patrons would form a queue towards the staircase by the side. The good thing is that the Lor (gravy) here is less salty as compared to their rival stall, and that their ingredients are in bigger chunks (referring to the fish cake) but they also have thin crispy fried wanton.

To be honest, I find it difficult to pinpoint which Lor Mee stall in Tiong Bahru Market sells better Lor Mee. What I can say is that if the queue is not too long here during my next visit, I’ll probably get a S$4.00 portion instead of this one in the photo, which is S$3.00.

I'm not a fan of lor mee, but Tiong Bahru Lor Mee has done a fantastic job of convincing me not to pass over this bowl of noodles every time I go to a hawker centre.

The gravy is slightly runnier than most stalls, but the pleasant herbal flavors complemented the heavy, salty flavors of the lor wonderfully. I added extra fatty pork and ngoh hiong , which made this bowl $4, and boy was it worth it. The braised fatty pork earned fellow Tastemaker Justin's praises, and I was quite addicted to the soft, slightly herbal and charmingly chubby slices of fatty braised pork. It's all pretty palatable and easy to enjoy, and that's coming from a guy who's completely indifferent to lor mee.


This isn't the 178 Lor Mee that came with fried shark meat, but it's the lor mee that most of the Burpple Tastemakers prefer. And it's @h_pei's favourite lor mee.
The ingredients are more actually more flavourful at this stall, and those pork belly are sweet and well marinated. I also like that the gravy wasn't just full of corn starch. My friend Pei also likes the ngor hiang and fried wanton at this stall. She said the chilli is good, but unfortunately I didn't get to try it with chilli!
This calls for a revisit. Let's go, @okwhotookmyusername for fried oysters (same stall as the char kway teow I recommended, believe the wok hei should be damn good as well) and @h_pei! Right up your alley!


what can I say.. SHIOK MAN! The lady lets you add as much garlic, corriander, vinegar, sambal Chilli as u like.. this bowl came with two rather big pieces of deep fried fish which was Super fresh and a good serving of pork belly, fish cake and a wanton.. the starchiness in the gravy retained for quite awhile with the flavour of the it coming out in every bite... highly recommend! #burpple #gettingfatwhilewaiting #newhood #whilewaitingfortheloml #lomljnck #lomljns

The original Tiong Bahru Lor Mee had left and the aftermath is stall after stall selling lor mee here. This one at #02-80 is so far the best around here. Thick tasty sauce and well cooked ingredients make it better than other stalls. You are to put in your own amount of garlic, sambal chilli, big or small cut chilli. Overall it's πŸ‘πŸ‘

This was a $3 version with kway teow mee. Really flavorful gravy and loved that I could add all the garnish I wanted. Stall owners also super nice.

I chose kuay teow mee. The kuay teow was coated velvety with the sticky lor sauce piled with minced garlic, sliced chilli padi, chopped parsley, a spoonful of vinegar to whet that appetite.

One of my favorite whenever we visit Tiong Bahru Food Center.

The hungry one ordered the $5. I ordered the $4. Another the $3.50 and the skinny one the $3. Went there at the right time before the queue formed.

PRICE: Small $3.00 (Also available in $4/$5 portions)

Queue: more than 5 in front of me on a rainy Sunday lunchtime

STOCK: Starchy, smooth, flavourful. Did not turn watery at all!

NOODLES: Flat yellow type + thin bee hoon

LIAO: Fishcake, wanton, ngoh hiang, fried fish fillet


Just so yummy. The gooey and starchy sauce looked heavy, but isn't as all that you are done with the bowl after a few bites. The sauce coats each strand of noodles lovingly. Filled generously with nionghiang, fish cake slices, meat slices, a piece of fish fish and wanton every bites have something of chew on. Great $2.50 price, but the portion is small (perfect for me). Ma Bo Lor Mee located at Albert Food Centre (Bugis), served better portion, at the same price.

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