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From the Burpple community

I've heard of this speciality coffee for such a long time and their cafe stayed in Queenstown area. This "fast" concept of the cafe in vivocity sits in the newly revamped fairprice supermakets. Besides the bakery, the cafe has a row of 4 counter seats. This is the most smooth flat white I've had in Singapore, with a good balance of roasty bean aroma and full-body taste. The secret is that they use a blend of 50% Columbia and 50% Guatemala beans roasted in house. You can also purchase the coffee bean! I'm planning to come back for a filtering coffee soon.

So I recently discovered that Tiong Hoe occupies a small space at the basement of the newly opened Fairprice Xtra. Seats are limited but you are sure to get a close up view of the baristas in action. Given the crowd and limited seats available, perhaps their main outlet at Stirling road will be a better option for me to sit down and enjoy my cup of cuppa.

I was searching for coffee beans which suits my taste buds (bitter) for some time and all places were quite disappointing.
Decided to give Tiong Hoe a try after it was recommended by my friend however I didn’t have much expectations as all these while even those atas coffee places that serves coffee aren’t to my liking.
Lo and behold, the moment I had my first sip of coffee from India at Tiong Hoe, it blew my mind away and I am not exaggerating at all. It was so smooth and clean that my face immediately lit up knowing this is going to be my go to from today onwards.
What made this experience more amazing was the friendly and knowledgeable staff, Matthew and Jack whom willingly shared their knowledge. I left the place really satisfied!

Can’t find a decent coffee in vivocity until fairprice xtra opened recently! It’s just beside Swee Heng bakery at B2. We’ve been to their first cafe at Stirling and love their coffee. I am glad that they now have a little popup stall inside the supermarket for a quick coffee/take away.


The Starter Culture has found an avenue in Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee to sell their bottled kombucha fermentations of Ceylon tea and raw cane sugar. It’s a bit pricey at $8.60 per bottle compared to the coffees on the menu, but I actually really enjoyed the kombucha! Im not a fan of ultra fizzy and sour kombucha, but The Starter Culture’s version is light and sweet, it almost tastes like plum. There’s little to no dizziness, and I really love how fruity this fermented drink is. While I wouldn’t shell out $8.60 on the regular for this, I don’t mind treating myself and my gut once in a while!


Located right inside a supermarket, this white cold brew is served like a soda in a 330ml glass bottle with a metal cap. The unique thing was that honey was added with milk to the coffee. This gave it a sweet creamy body yet still being able to enjoy the slight bitterness of the roasted beans.