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From the Burpple community

Finally tried this really famous pasta place and well there were hits and misses.

Radiatori with Cheese and Alfredo Sauce ($12.40) - we had fun making our own pasta creations and this turned out pretty well! The pasta had a huge number of ridges to catch the creamy sauce and cheese and it was rich and flavourful. However, I do find the pasta cooked abit too soft and they seasoned the dish with too much salt.

Gemelli with Prawn and Pesto ($17.30) - the pesto sauce was very delightful, with a good amount of creaminess and basil flavours coming through. Prawns were fresh and the noodles were al dente. However, this was abit too salty as well.

Calamari ($19.90) - honestly way too expensive. The squid rings were okay, nothing much to shout about.

Overall, it's definitely a place for more than average quality pastas but I wouldn't say one of the best. The ambience is really good for date nights though!

I got the Radiatori pasta + white clams + black lumpfish caviar + capers in pink sauce and it came up to be $20.40 which is honestly not too bad la.

However I did feel that they were really stingy with the pink sauce? I could barely taste it and was desperately trying to find sauce to coat my pasta with. I have to say the pasta is interesting with a good bite to it. But I doubt I will return anytime soon la.

More detailed reviews on IG at @canihaveabitepls

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Was really excited to try out this place but honestly it was pretty disappointing. I thought the price point is ok but their serving is really small.

Nothing much to shout about. If there’s no queue and you’re nearby is ok but we had to wait 30min on a Thursday evening - probably not worth the wait for me. One thing to note is that their chilli flakes are really a little spicy.

More detailed reviews up on IG @canihaveabitepls

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Best affordable tasty pasta

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Smoked Paprika Rigatoni in Pink Sauce with Smoked Salmon & Sous Vide Egg.

Perhaps building my own pasta wasn’t the best idea because the combination I made didn’t seem to work out well for me. Then again, I expected to be mindblown by this place from raving reviews of Tipo. I was personally impressed by the way the choices of pasta daily were presented — with at least 3 different pasta options placed neatly on a platter and introduced by the staff. Went with the smoked paprika rigatoni, pink sauce, smoked salmon and sous vide egg. One of my first few times eating flavoured pasta, the smoked paprika rigatoni had a light paprika notes that was at best mild — very interesting as it did not affect much of the surrounding flavours. Then again, the pink sauce, supposedly a combination of cream and tomato sauce, was just decent, feeling more creamy than a good balance of tomato and cream. Would have also preferred a less watery texture of sauce here, but this might have also been affected by the sous vide egg I chose to add. Smoked salmon was served together in a decent portion size, but do not know if this is the best companion for this. That being said, it was a decent meal here, and I’ll definitely come back to try the pastas they have already built in the menu.


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opted to create my own pasta. there were 3 varieties of hand made pasta available today - Bucatini (garlic and parsley), Radiatori (sweet paprika) and gemelli (tomato chilli)

went with the Bucatini and added prawns and an onsen egg. opted for pink sauce as my base too. the sauce was creamy but i couldn’t really taste any tomato taste in it? there were a tiny hint of spice which elevated the dish abit. prawns were fresh. overall not bad but portion may seem too little for a guy’s appetite so reco to upsize it!!

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