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[CLOSED] The Naughty Corner Gelato House

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Gelato House | Waffles | Bubblewrap Ice Cream The best part about eating ice cream is feeling like you are treating yourself - and yes, you deserve that treat. Traditionally a time-out technique to discipline misbehaving kids, the ‘naughty corner’ provides a cooling-off period for kids to calm down and regulate their emotions. We recognize that adults need an occasional time-out, too. TNCGELATO is a retreat for you (from young kids to old folks) to pause your feet, calm your mind, take a time-out and recharge with a delectable scoop or two. We believe that ice cream is the simplest and finest reward in life, because “Any Time is Ice Cream Time”!


From the Burpple community

delicious! we got the durian, cookie and cream and chocolate. i think it’s worth a try if you’re in the area, but one odd thing is that they share their space with singapore pools, so don’t expect a cafe ambience at all :)

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We popped by TNC and got two egglets w ice cream w Burpple's one for one deal (saving $8). The egglet was cooked well, with a crisp exterior and fluffy middle! The flavour was good too. The kopiko crunch ice cream really tasted like those kopiko sweets in the black and red packaging. 100% similarity. And the digestives added a nice touch to the ice cream. We also had the fudge ice cream which was not too bad. It had strong notes of cocoa and slightly bitter.


Funky space shared with a betting outlet. They use egglet in place of waffle and it's brilliant. They do egglet better than egglet specialists. But because the egglet has filling too, the whole thing can be overkill. Cocoa was too bitter for me while salted caramel wasn't distinct enough.

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The 1-for-1 was only valid on double scoops, and I got two double scoops despite being so full. Cocoa (or was it chocolate) was really really good, not that sweet at all. My sister liked her RBF (root beer) which I thought was okay. And the Salted Caramel was too salty for my liking..

We had a original and with salt for the waffles. The waffle is crispy and quite chewy....but is a bit too sweet for me. Ice cream isn't look as creamy as it taste but it kind of blend well with the sweet waffle.

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Think seriously crispy-on-the outside, fluffy-on-the-inside egglet waffles stuffed with a creamy gelato of your choice for your midday pick-me-up.
Photo by Burppler Jaster Ngui