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We tried their sour vegetables 酸菜 fish soup which delivered the sour kick with a light spiciness, like that of a Szechuan sour. The sliced fish was really fresh we liked that they added some flower petal (think so) which have some pleasant fragrance touch.
Other options included Mala or even Tom Yum soup with seafood or beef choices. Non-spicy alternatives were available too though their selling points seemed to be on the spicy dishes.
We loved that all their dishes were served in a hot iron bowl which retained the heat well especially for the spicy soup. Though just a foodcourt stall, the soup with a rice was a satisfying meal. With the portion, it was good for sharing for some too.

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YES!!! Braised pork itself is already aromatic so it will pair well with either noodles or rice. 😍😋

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There are many choices in TPY to satisfy your cravings. 🤤
1️⃣ Lai Heng Mushroom Minced Meat Mee (My Fav🥰😍🥰😍)
2️⃣ Chao Zhou Fishball Noodle (Famous for their fishball)
3️⃣ Ru Ji Kitchen (try this if above not open)

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This was Mei Xi Kitchen’s Hakka YTF, which also has a few other stalls elsewhere.
With an attractive signage, their wide range of YTF was also appealing and delicious. We liked that they separated the fried items from the boiled ones, and took the efforts to fried the former till crispy hot.
Their soup base was on the lighter side, similarly for their laksa which wasn’t the creamy type. But it was made up for by the taste and quality of their YTF.
Perhaps the key draw for those nearby would be that they operate 24h! Which would mean for a hearty or light YTF, anytime of the day or night, you can settle it here.


Sambal fried rice a bit lacking in the ingredient department. Please get their sambal condiment. It’s very goooooood. #burpple

We finished this in less than 10 minutes. Next item to try: Hokkien Mee. #burpple