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Gulurou was meaty but it had a v sweet tomato sauce, not a fan. Brown rice was not mushy, soft yet chewy.
Egg was tasty, spinach was normal. Overall it’s alright, idm eating this again but defo not the gulurou. An average caifan for me, but it somehow does see some long queues during lunch hour.

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We ended off our meal with beancurd from Pure Soya Bean, which was a stall near the middle of the second level run by two fairly-young hawkers! We paid $2.50 for a bowl of beancurd with gingko nuts and we love their beancurd as it was served warm and the texture was fairly soft. Most importantly, you can taste the soybean in their beancurd as the sugar syrup used wasn't too overpowering. :)

While the serving size was really generous, we felt that the gingko nuts were a little hard and quite a few of them were rather bitter. We might get the beancurd with another topping again in future!

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This was one of the stalls that appeared to have no queue but when you place your orders, the auntie tells you that there is a one-hour wait! 😱😱😱 The wait is well worth it, however, as Chye Sua serves an amazing plate of carrot cake! The stall only serves the white version of carrot cake, and the dish comes with white carrot cake on the underside, which are stuck together by a layer of deep-fried egg and flour on the upper side that makes the dish look more black than white!

Don't be mistaken, however, as the layer of flour and egg was really crispy and comes with a slightly burnt flavour which we really love! The chilli is in this layer, so it can get a little spicy after a while. Hence, we suggest you alternate between this layer and the carrot cake underneath, as the carrot cake could get pretty plain if you eat it alone without the deep-fried surface later!

We also love the carrot cake as the cubes of radish remained soft after frying, although we were surprised that their shape remained fairly intact as well. We will definitely want to try this again although the queue will definitely be a deterrence on most occasions!

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We saw a fairly decent queue at Teochew Handmade Paus and decided to give it a try since everyone loves paus for breakfast! One thing to note is that the paus served here are really small; they can be finished in around four mouthfuls so this is something to take note of if you are planning to buy from this shop.

We ordered two char siew, two tau sar and two lianrong paus to try! The pork filling used for the char siew pau was rather lean and there were few fatty parts in it. However, we thought it wasn't exceptionally yummy because we felt that the meat was a little too shredded, which made for a strange texture for a pau filling.

The Tau sar and lianrong paus were great though, because the red bean and lotus paste fillings respectively were very smooth and they were pretty concentrated as well! We love the pronounced flavours within the filling of both paus!

Each pau is priced at 90 cents, which is honestly pretty expensive given it's small size. That being said, we may want to come back for the tau sar and lianrong paus again!

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We are continuing our hawker food hunt and this brought us to Toa Payoh West Market and Food Centre! Despite it's name, this hawker centre is nearer to Caldecott than to Toa Payoh MRT. More than half the stalls were open on a Sunday morning and we were able to find seats easily.

First up, we ordered the dry version of the shredded chicken noodles from Lau Sim Shredded Chicken Noodles. This was a bowl of mee kia tossed in vinegar and some chilli paste, topped with shredded chicken and mushrooms. This was the small serving and the amount of noodles were fairly little, and it might be just enough for one person. We thought the stall could have been more generous with the chicken given that it is the mainstay, though we felt it was still a great dish.

The soup came with 2 dumplings and 2 fishballs and it was fairly comforting on a cool morning, although the soup itself was a little salty and we didn't finish drinking the entire bowl as a result.

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Came to this hawker quite late and couldnt make it in time for some of the popular stores here.

Decided to get this fish soup after i remembered Reading a eatbook review on this Fish soup stall.

Fish was big, chunky & fresh.

Soup was quite good.

Not something I will travel all the way to toa payoh for. But if I stay nearby, I will eat this once every 2 weeks.