[CLOSED] Toasties (Our Tampines Hub)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Toasties is here to reinvent fast food, upping the game using classical cooking methods and real, wholesome ingredients. We serve what we truly believe is good. On top of cooking up great food, we are also striving for a cause bigger than ourselves - to influence our community's eating habits. Going toe-to-toe against low quality and addictive fast food, making what we serve, delicious and all natural food an easy choice.


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With the 2018 World Cup fever going on, there were only a few customers in the shop.

My choice of bread: Italian loaf
Choice of sides/ vegetables: Romaine/ tomato/ cheese/ olives X2
Choice of sauce: Ancho Chipotle

As with my previous visit to this outlet, the sandwich was toasty and this is what I like most about toasties. Very warm to (my) touch; almost a tad too warm to hold with my bare hands. One of the warmest sandwiches I ever had thus far. Warm food is just so comforting and enjoyable. It could be an age thing. πŸ˜†

Compared to Subway's sandwiches, I would say subway sandwiches are warmed (10secs), but they are not toasty warm/ hot.
Toasties' bread, like I mentioned in my previous review, has a thin, shiny, crispy skin/ crust that is so satisfying to bite into.

The chipotle sauce was creamy and spicy, and a tad too much.

Still, I love the Chipotle chicken sandwich.

Just to add on, their (skinny) fries are fantastic as well! They are like Long John Silver's fries; so crispy and nicely flavoured. Except that they are skinnier.


No crowd at this outlet. Seats aplenty despite the world cup fever now).

I usually have Subway sandwiches and this is the first time I'm trying Toasties out.

I had the 6-inch smoked chicken and bacon sandwich.
My choice of bread: Italian.
The sides/ veggies I have chosen to go with my sandwich are:
Romaine/ tomatoes/ olives/ cheese/ haystack onion
Choice of sauce:
Creamy pesto (recommended by helpful staff)

Had to wait for a while for order to be prepared. There were only 2 staff. 1 in the kitchen, another at the cashier counter taking our order. Service was good.

Am well pleased with our food served; bread was toasty and had a really nice crisp. The toasted bread had a thin, almost shiny crackly crust that is crispy. Sandwich was absolutely yummy! The standard sauce (not the creamy pesto) that came along with the sandwich was a nice contrast to the meat; slightly tangy.

IMO, Toasties sandwiches are a notch above the subway sandwiches, justifying the slightly higher pricing.

Aren’t cross sections of sandwiches beautiful? My above tuna sandwich was satisfying but not a far comparison to Subway with slightly more premium ingredients. Does it justify a higher price tag? Will be for an individual to decide. On a side note the bread here was very thin as seen in the picture after compression upon toasting.


We missed the deal by12mins arghhhhh
So everyday until 5pm they have one of the sandwiches on offer. Anyway it was a rather petite sandwich actl but def filling enough if u add on fries. Tastes ok but the add ons(veggies, cheese etc) were q little lol. Bread was also hard at some parts. Overall not too bad for its price point

PS if u get lemonade rmb to stir well.

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Satay-Fying Sandwich πŸ₯ͺ (S$8.90)
Served with a drink
Available at @ToastiesSg in @OurTampinesHub
Can select choice of bread πŸ₯– which I selected Garlic Oregano Loaf. Crusty warm toasted bread 🍞 which made one felt great even in cold weather.
Address 🏠 : 51 Tampines Avenue 4, # 01-85 Our Tampines Hub, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 520 940
Tel ☎️ : 6386 7243
Open πŸ’ˆ : 10am - 10pm
Website 🌐 : http://www.toasties.com.sg/
MRT πŸš‡ : Tampines (EW2/ DT32).


First time trying Toasties and we walked out really impressed with the quality of their sandwiches. We had the Garlic Oregano Loaf as bread (given recommendation by the staff that it's not too tough or soft), Garlic Aioli as sauce (goes well with chipotle chicken and Garlic Rosemary for the fries (yup all things garlic). I would say it's a better version of Subway in terms of quantity and quality. Must try! πŸ˜‹