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From the Burpple community

Minimum order.

Quite average, skin was very soft and not stretchy which is fine but filling was pedestrian

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We came at 930am when the dude just came so he gave us frozen coconut. It sucked.

The ondeh ondeh itself was not bad, shredded coconut w gula melaka inside. But not as impressive as their other kuehs

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Very good. Soft and mochi-esque in chew. The coconut flavour was reasonably prominent too

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Banana cake has a decent flavour and it was less dry than the chocolate cake. An above average rendition!

This was complimentary cos the lady boss was in a good mood.

Unfortunately their cakes are not in the same league as their kuehs. Flavour was passable but rather dry

Texture was impeccable, there's abit more bounce than the Maxwell one but nothing to fault for either.

What stunned was the flavour though. Gula Melaka was caramelised with rice flour to produce an extremely unique complex flavour that's familiar at the same time. Super intense too

On top of that, it's rolled in freshly grated coconut. When it's freshly grated the flavour is really of another league.
Needless to say, this is a must try. Best Kueh koswee I've had as of 18/1/22

I would be back to try the ondeh ondeh
Akk, and nine layer cake(which they're very proud of as well)

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