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New pop up at NEX with mentai dishes and I got the $15 bowl of salmon don. Felt that the dish didn't hit my expectations with its meat serving and the mentai sauce (or maybe I'm just not familiar with the pink cod roes) Overall, it's a heaty dish - but hope to find better mentai dishes around :)


Tokyo Eater pop-up stall had seen a slight switch in its menu; taking over the previous Tendon menu, the new menu now features a whole variety of Mentaiko dishes — most of them being pretty familiar dishes such as Aburi Salmon Mentaiko Mayo Donburi and Mazesoba that is served with Mentaiko.

The highlight of the new menu would probably be the Mentaiko ice-cream; served in a pre-packaged cup, the consistency is pretty much like the ice-cream one would pick up from the convenience store — a little hard though still creamy and requires a little bit of digging through with the plastic spoon provided within. Carrying notes of umami and a slight tinge of spiciness, this is something meant only for the more adventurous; not that I love it, but certainly interesting and something I don’t really mind having again.

Served with a decent side of Pickles and Chawanmushi, as well as a bottle with a generous portion of Dashi Broth. Because the meal is served in a deep and wide bowl, it's easy to eat this Chazuke Style, pouring some of the broth into the bowl and over the fluffy rice.
Topped with 11 tempura fried ingredients, all having a lovely crisp and light batter. The ingredients include 2 string beans, 1 shiitake mushroom, 1 large pumpkin slice, 1 red bell pepper / capsicum, 1 baby corn, 2 chicken fillets, 2 prawns / shrimp, and 1 fried egg.
Choose 1 of 5 sauces to drizzle over, including original soy, wasabi mayo, and even zesty ume! Shiok max.
Tokyo Eater Pop-Up Store
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Batter could be crispier and more sauce. Love the rice with soup

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chicken and prawn tendon (2 chicken thighs, 2 prawns, 2 long beans, sweetcorn, pumpkin slice, red bell pepper, shitake mushroom, runny egg over a bed of rice drizzled with soy sauce), chawanmushi, pickles, dashi soup

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Ordered set A and it came with plenty of #tempura vegetables, shrimp & chicken. Chose the yuzu pepper sauce which was added to the rice below the tempura and gave a zesty kick. All sets came with chawanmushi, pickled cabbage and a bottle of dashi sauce which you can pour over the rice to enjoy it #chazuke style.

Be warned though, place was pretty empty without a queue and still had to wait almost 40 mins for my order to be served! #burpple

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It's actually quite delicious. The soup takes away the greasiness of the fried items. #burpple #tingzieeats #throwback

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New tendon stall at NEX. We tried both the Spicy and Yuzu Pepper flavours. Not worth trying unless you are really hungry and cannot get a seat elsewhere.

The sauce of the Spicy version reminds me of a rather flat-tasting sambal sauce. The yuzu pepper sauce though unique, is too little. The tempura is too soggy and tasteless without the sauce. Due to the rather uninspiring tempura, coupled with lack of sauce, majority of the tendon bowl feels as plain as white rice.

Service is very slow too. They took very long to serve the food even though there wasnt many customer. $13.90 for normal one (shrimp & chicken tempuras) and $15.90 for jumbo (anago & dory)


You get to choose between the prawn and chicken, conger eel and vegetable kakiage tendons, with a choice of either the original, spicy or yuzu pepper sauce. (The spicy sauce is more Baby than Scary Spice, and the generosity of ingredients and quality of tempura is superior to that of many of its competitors.) You are also offered a bottle of dashi to pour into your Tendon to create a Tendon Chazuke, which ends the usually greasy and potentially uncomfortable experience on an uncharacteristically clean note. For the first time, and after Akimitsu, Don Meijin and their 828589 friends, I'm actually keen to return to try the other sauces.


Not quite impressed with the Mazesoba here — the noodles felt a tad clumpy and harder than expected; would preferred it to come a little more springier. Coming with bamboo shoots, seaweed and chashu, the chashu felt pretty pedestrian with nothing much to shout about. While having actual Mentaiko was a good touch, perhaps serving it up with Mentaiko mayo would have been a better decision — the Mentaiko was flavorful with its strong umami and slightly spicy notes, but felt a tad difficult to mix up with the noodles overall to provide that burst of umami-ness that it seemed to have suppose to carry.


The new pop-up store concept - Tokyo Eater by @shokutsuten serves up 3 different style of Tendon bowls at a really affordable price! They introduce the concept of Chazuke style, whereby each rice bowl is served togther with a bottle (left) of freshly prepared daishi soup made with bonito from Japan to be mixed into the tendon for a light nourishing taste - a really refreshing experience. With no GST or service charge, this is a real steal for the quantity and quality of food! .

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