Tongue Tip Beef Noodles (Chinatown Point)

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Tongue Tip Lanzhou beef noodles originated from the Lanzhou, Gansu province in China. This dish was first created by the Muslim Chinese (Hui) people and it's recipe has been passed on for generations since the Tang Dynasty. Today in Lanzhou alone there are more than 1,000 beef noodle restaurants, an affirmation to the popularity of the dish. With Tongue Tip's Lanzhou outlet serving up to 900 bowls of noodles a day! Our original recipe uses hand-pulled noodles, halal meats and a clear broth cooked with more than 15 spices. Ingredients are sourced fresh and adhering to the highest quality. The well loved Tongue Tip brand has a strong presence of over 300 outlets across China, won multiple food awards and is an accredited member of the official Lanzhou Lamian Association. Tongue Tip Beef Noodles has been certified Halal in Singapore.

133 New Bridge Road
#01-43 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413

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11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Did not have beef noodles in a long while, and I am glad to have my fix at tongue tip! The large bowl of signature beef noodles ($12.90) was definitely very satisfying. The broth was very comforting and so full of flavour I had to finish it. So glad for the huge selection of noodle types, as I can choose my favourite thicker noodles 😍

In another one of our visits to Tongue Tip, we decided that we should have a change and try out their dry noodles instead! In particular, the restaurant serves dry la mian with pieces of chicken, together with their signature chilli paste. We thought this would be a change from their soupy beef noodles and we ordered the large serving at $12.90++!

With the chilli paste, the la mian was great and tasty as well! The only thing to note is that you should be eating your noodles quickly after ordering because they have a tendency to become soggy and stick together afterward. For this reason, we prefer the noodles to be in soup, even as this is a refreshing change. Similarly, we advise you to have this dish in the restaurant, instead of having it as a takeaway.

The pieces of chicken were lightly grilled and went pretty well with the chilli as well, although it would be interesting to see how the dish would be like if the chicken pieces were breaded and deep-fried. The dry noodles also come with a pretty generous serving of the restaurant's signature beef soup and that is great because you do not miss out on something that Tongue Tip does pretty well!

This is one of my favourite Chinese beef noodles place in town! I usually get their signature noodles with soup and upsize the dish ($12.50). I often decide to order 二细 more often than not (see picture), as I preferred my noodles not being too thick. The noodles served here are floury and pretty firm, which I prefer over noodles that are too soft/soggy.

Do get their signature chilli paste and mix it into the soup, because it is not spicy at all and it makes the soup a lot more flavourful. For those who are wondering, the chilli paste does not have the numbing sensation in 麻辣 dishes, so the soup remains pretty drinkable even after mixing the paste in! The restaurant was also pretty generous with the beef, which have been cut into thin slices and are hence pretty easy to chew.

Come here early before the lunchtime crowd gathers, as the queue can get pretty long!

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Order the mushroom with normal noodle ($8.90). Noodle was great, really chewy and good. Mushroom was well braised. Ambience of the place is nice and cosy (:

8 different type of noodles to choose from. I had mine with thin flat.
As recommended by many, take a sip from the clear broth before mixing the chilli part in. Visually doesn’t look much but wow, the flavour is real intense in a good way.

My thin flat noodle was basically sliding everywhere and it doesn’t feel heavy per mouthful unlike typical ban mian.

Highly enjoyable slippery shiokness.

One precaution for all to note: Do not, I repeat. DO NOT wear white to eat this. You’ll get spatters all over your TOP and bottom.


I finally made it down today to the Chinatown Point outlet (there’s another at Tiong Bahru Plaza) of Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles. Originating in Lanzhou, Gansu province where many Chinese Muslims call home, this halal chain of restaurants is hugely popular in China with over 300 branches.
As it was my first visit, I decided to go for the Signature Beef Noodles (large: $10.90). From the available 8 types of pulled-to-order noodles, I chose the Thin and the (Big) Flat to try. They impressed me so much I dare say the #noodles here is one of the best I’ve encountered in Singapore. Personal preference for melt-in-the-mouth softness or an al dente chewiness would dictate a customer’s selection. What’s consistent though is an irresistible silkiness.
The clear MSG-free beef broth made from simmering 15 spices for about 10 hours is remarkably tasty. Whether you choose to have it with their special chilli oil (it’s less insane than the numbing fieriness of “mala”), it’s a pleasure to sip regardless. I love how each bowl is spammed with fresh coriander but if that makes you shudder, just ask for the herb to be omitted. Customisation isn’t frowned upon here thankfully. The slices of halal-certified beef shank are thin, tender and tasty too.
If you are like me and welcome the tangy cut-through afforded by vinegar, do request for some. I find it adds a flavour facet that gives the overall taste a mouthwatering lift.

They should still be doing islandwide delivery, so do tap on @tonguetipbeefnoodles’ link-in-bio on Instagram if you want to enjoy their offerings at home.

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