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Reviews at Tony Roma's (Suntec City)

Reviews of good food at Tony Roma's (Suntec City)
The Original Baby Back Ribs ($35.90++)

This was pretty good! Meat was tender, had a good ratio of fats, and easy to eat (read: wipe clean) off the bones.
My brother said the ribs weren't as good as usual (it was my first visit, so I couldn't compare) butttt honestly I thought this was still better than the average ribs I had in USA, so I was still pretty satisfied. Though, I agreed that it could be much smokier.
Fries were average but the beans... wow. It had deep barbecue flavour which I loved and helped myself spoonfuls after spoonfuls of. Now I know that the rice and beans are the ones to get if I ever come back (oh how convenient that the ribs comes with a choice of 2 sides...)

Rib Combo With BBQ Chicken ($34.90++)

To be brutally honest, there was only one flavour profile I could taste- sweetness. Yes, it was far too sweet for my liking and it got cloying after awhile.
What we agreed was outstanding however, was the rice. That was so full of flavour and strangely, tasted a lot like our local chicken rice (?!?!?!). Surprisingly, the chicken fared better than this version of the ribs. Though most of it was breast meat, it wasn't dry (but I really did wish it carried a stronger barbecue taste).

Appetizer Sampler ($19.90++)

This sampler comprised 3 of their appetisers: Spicy Wings, Potato Skins and Mozzarella Sticks. It was funny how between the 3 of us, we picked each of the appetisers as our favourite.

The potato skins are a must-order for my aunt everytime she comes. I think most of the flavour came from the bacon and quite frankly, it's hard to go wrong with bacon.
The wings were just decent as well; the sauce was subtly sweet and spicy, which is also quite a good & safe combination.
My favourite was hands down the mozarella sticks. I'm a sucker for good mozzarella and this had good flavour. It was stringy and still had a good cheese pull though it was slightly cold by the time I tried it.

Lunch Set at $26.90++

The lunch set was totally worth it. Comes with soup of the day (i recommend the mushroom soup) and a drink.

The sets (all inclusive of the famous baby pork ribs) we ordered were:
1. Roasted chicken (REALLY JUICY and TENDER)
2. Fish fillet (meh meh... tasted like mcdonald fillet o fish)
3. Fried Prawn (was still crunchy after some time)
4. Spicy drumlets

You can get to choose different sides:
1. Brocolli
2. Fries (really good)
3. Coleslaw (unique taste, subtle sourness)
4. Baked potato
5. Mashed potato (with bacons bits)

Service was good. The waitress dropped our utensils and gave us extra biscuits for the soup. Refillable plain water.

Ratings: 4.5/5


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BBQ Platter-ia

A delicious platter of ribs cooked just so slightly differently that you don't get bored of its juicy tenderness. At $40++ it's a little on the pricier side but it offers great value for money, especially for groups since this place is friendly towards large groups with big tables.

Tony Roma's On A Discount

TR had a promo for $25 off a min $50 order before tax, and so my friend and I sought the best deal possible. We settled for a full rack of ribs and half an onion loaf which cost us 17$ each after everything.

After the loss of many cafe cartels in Singapore it has been difficult to find good affordable ribs, and well...this is one occasion to get that from Tony's

Delicious sticky-sweet baby back ribs with tender meat that fell off the bone easily, and those oozy mozzarella cheese sticks!

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Strawberry & Peach Cobbler ($14.90++) Comes with fresh strawberries and peaches, with cinnamon flavoured cake mix, baked in a skillet pan and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The cake was soft and melts in the mouth, which is more moist especially when had with the ice cream, while capturing the flavour of the sliced strawberries and peaches.

Hosted meal, courtesy of @starngage and @tonyromassingapore

Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs ($26.90++ for half with 6 ribs, $35.90 for medium with 9 ribs, $41.90 for full with 12 ribs)

These baby back ribs are very tender and easily fall-off-the-bone!

They are generously basted with Coca-Cola BBQ sauce that made these ribs sweet and glazing! It comes served with a choice of 2 side dishes (fries and broccoli)
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Hosted meal, courtesy of @starngage and @tonyromassingapore

Onion Loaf.

Always perfect to start any meal.
In case you don't know yet, @TonyRomasSingapore has just launched 5 new menu:
Shrimp Tango, Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs, Ribeye & Chicken Combo, Fruit and Chicken Salad, and Strawberry & Peach Cobbler.
Try em now at Suntec City or Orchard Central outlet!
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Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs •SGD $26.90 / $35.90 / $41.90•

Old but gold

These Tony Roma's baby back ribs are super tender, generously basted with Coca-Cola BBQ sauce, served together with 2 sides of your choice.

A nice balance of savoury with the sweetness of Coca Cola, the ribs are so 'finger lickin good' that I have totally forgotten about using my knife and fork. Pure yum!

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Thank you @tonyromassingapore for having us once again and @starngage for the invitation!

'Attitudes toward food have completely changed.'

- by Giada De Laurentiis.
(Media and Food Tasting: Tony Roma's Singapore)
On the table: Fire-roasted Rib-eye & Quarter Chicken Combo!🍴 Like what you see? Here's Tony Roma's 200g ribeye steak with glazed borbon onions and a quarter chicken with white BBQ sauce that served with a choice of 2 dishes of your choice! Which cost you $35.90++. Woohoo! You can enjoy $15 off of your bill, just simply follow @tonyromassingapore; like their latest post on 13th April and present it to the staff! Valid till 31st May! (Terms and Conditions apply)
A big thank you to @starngage and @tonyromassingapore for the invitation and hosting!
Happy Wednesday!
#JieyingAdvertising #tonyromassingapore #TRcocacolaribs #burpple

Wednesday had ended and deciding where to head for dinner tonight.

Here's some of the new items from Tony Roma's that I sampled last week:
- Shrimp Tango ($22.90)
- Harvest Fruit & Chicken Salad ($17.90)
- Coca Cola Baby Back Ribs (Full ribs $41.90)

Who's up for some meat for dinner tonight?

For the undecided, why not head over to have a go at Tony Roma's Fire Roasted Ribeye & Quarter Chicken Combo! 200g ribeye steak with glazed bourbon onions & quarter chicken with white BBQ sauce, served with a choice of 2 sides ($35.90++). Juicy red meat & white meat, you've got the best of both worlds on one plate!
Thanks once again to @StarNgage & @tonyromassingapore for the invitation!

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