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From the Burpple community

Tried this bowl of "meepok tah" from the new stall located in the same coffeeshop as the famous Sungei Road Laksa. Yes, I was drawn to the sheer variety of toppings pictured in the signage, and I'm happy to report that the real thing lived up to the photo for once. Piled on my "meepok" were scallops, stewed pig trotter, braised chicken feet, "ter hoong" (pig's intestines), a whole mini fishcake, "tee po" (dried flat fish), mushroom and minced pork. I did find the noodles a touch starchy but it still tasted good thanks to the balanced mix of chilli sambal and black vinegar.


Located right beside the legendary sungei road laksa was this new and cool looking Bak Chor Mee stall selling noodles with different add ons. The most basic bowl starts from $3, and it comes with a small serving of scallops which I felt that I rather have more minced pork instead. Chili was okay, mushrooms were really good though! It also comes with a small piece of ngoh hiong and it was pretty average. Noodles were pretty well cooked and overall I would say that it is above average!


Served steaming hot. Lard layered noodles and pig trotters held hands like best friends. What a joy to have this in this wet weather!


At $2.50, this is surely one of the cheapest bowl of laksa I have ever had. The balance of spice and lemak-ness was just right. Service was efficient.

Love the onion in the fried chilli paste that comes with this glutinous rice. True to what it claimed to be Malaysian recipe.

Fresh moist turnip wrapped in flour skin with generous topping of grind peanut, diced shrimp, bean sprouts, crispies, crushed boiled egg, pork floss (yes!). This is the oriental crepe isn't it?