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302 Beach Road
#01-08 Concourse Skyline
Singapore 199600

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From the Burpple community

We ordered the unagi and salmon rice bowls and both were very value for money! Both unagi and salmon pieces were substantial. Also tried the pork belly on a stick and it was very tasty!

Overall, nothing mind-blowing but extremely value for money. We also managed to find a deal with the eatigo 50% off so... bonus!

Atmosphere is relaxing.
Food was tasty!
Una Don: $12.90
Mentaiko pasta: $10.90
Calamari: $8
Cafe latte: $4

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The perfect side dish with a bowl of rice!
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #peoplematterstorasg

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Yet another item from their Ichiju-Sansai Omakase Style section of the menu — comes with Japonica Rice, Soup of the Day, Ramen Egg, Sweet Corn, Spicy Tau-Kwa, Mesclun, Watermelon and Water though on our day of visit, the ramen egg and spicy tau-kwa seemed to have been replaced by a saucer of Japanese Curry and Potato Salad.

The other elements were generally decent, with Furikake being sprinkled atop the rice to add a umami flavour that makes the rice easier to finish. While the braised beef brisket was flavorful being savoury without tasting particularly gamey, the huge chunks of beef brisket were a little too tough to chew, made harder considering the size — not quite fork tender as I would have expected it to be. Overall the flavours are decent, but there seem to be some room for improvement for the execution of the meats that would help to enhance the texture for a better experience.


Originally only available for lunch, Tora's Ichiju-Sansai Omakase Style menu is currently also available for dinner as they are still working on their ramen offerings that is coming soon. All items from the Ichiju-Sansai Omakase Style menu comes with Japonica Rice, Soup of the Day, Ramen Egg, Sweet Corn, Spicy Tau Kwa, Mesclun, Watermelon and Water. For our day of visit, some items seemed to be swopped out — our orders came without ramen egg and spicy tau kwa, though we did end up having a saucer of Japanese Curry and also had Potato Salad.

Furikake was added to the Japonica Rice for more flavour — did appreciate the addition of Furikake that helped to give the rice a umami flavour that made it easier to finish, while the other elements were generally decent. The Salmon felt that it could be a little bit less dry and more tender, though the unique flavour of the fish was evident and it comes skin-on with the skin being reasonably crisp whilst topped of with dried bonito flakes as an attempt to add another dimension of flavour. Overall decent, but definitely has room for improvement.


From Tora, a new F&B establishment at Concourse Skyline that serves Japanese-Western fusion fare. Predominantly more of a spot for drinks, they serve a small selection of mains while also offering a couple of appetizers that seem to compliment the list of craft beer that they have in stock from Archipelago Brewery.

These pockets of pork and leek fillings would really pair well as a snack with the selection of craft beer that they have — the exterior of the Gyoza is light yet crisp, while it is well filled inside with pork and leek without carrying a porky stench — not too heavy on the palate.