51 Old Airport Road
#01-135/136 Old Airport Road Food Centre
Singapore 390051

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10:30am - 03:00pm

10:30am - 03:00pm



10:30am - 03:00pm

10:30am - 03:00pm

10:30am - 03:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Personally I’ve higher expectation on the dish
since it’s included in the Michelin guide. In my opinion the flavour of the gravy is very subtle. No ‘kick’ factor when you taste the soup. Although the ‘kway’ is smooth and silky.

I ordered a customised portion with pig trotter and tau kwa (white tofu). Although the pig skin trotter is tender which due to long hour cooking, the meat not as tender as I expected. It’s same as home cooking.

Unfortunately, their chili isn’t add a kick flavour here. It’s just flat taste for dipping purpose (not spicy at all).

Overall, it’s a good try for those who are curious, but lower down your expectation. Side note, all menu is in Mandarin.

If you want basic portion, just tell them set kway chap for 1-2 person.

Add on:
pig trotters $5
big intestines $4
pig’s stomach $4
pork belly $4
pig skin $1-2
tau kwa $0.80
braised eggs $0.60

The distinctive smell of innards was present, but surprisingly wasn’t off-putting. They did a good job in cleaning the parts.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/to-ricos-guo-shi/

Their innards are braised till tender, with no “porky” bad smell. Even their braised tau kwa are soft and not hard at the outer. Their “Kway” are thinly sliced and smooth. I personally love the soup of the “Kway” as it’s light flavored.

(2 pax - S$11.20)

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Usually open in the day, if you wanna have this at night the stall would have been closed once sold out.

This serves 2, can choose to have the ‘kway’ or rice.

‘Kway’ is big thin slices made out of rice flour. The usual staple food for kway chap.

‘Chap’ actually means gravy, the braised sauce used to cook the meat and pig innards.

One of our local delights not to be missed.


I have always thought of “Kway Chap” as our local version of nose-to-tail dining.
In this dish you can find the less commonly eaten parts of the pig such as the large and small intestines, stomach and skin. They’re braised in a dark sauce along with other more normal items like the meat itself, “tau pok”, “tau kwa” and eggs till tender.
You can pick what you like or leave it to the hawker to mix and match a plate for you (he will do it based on the number of people sharing). Everything is chopped into bite-sized pieces and served with a splash of the braising sauce. The accompaniment is a bowl of “kway” (rice noodles that either come rolled or in broad, flat sheets) and a chilli sauce for dipping.
I revisited “To-Ricos Kway Chap” today after what seems like forever. To be frank, I was a little disappointed with my meal. Granted the innards were cleaned properly and didn’t smell at all but the meat wasn’t tender and the gravy tasted rather flat. I have also always preferred fried garlic and coriander on my “kway” but theirs comes with fried shallots. Guess I will stick with “Feng Ji Kway Chap”, my go-to stall in Jalan Batu Hawker Centre from now on. Besides, their chilli dip is way hotter and has a strong sourish tang that I adore.

Not much needs to be said about this establishment. Beautifully braised pork parts and silky kway. Come here to get your offal on! 👅💦💦Messy but oh-so-goooood!