[CLOSED] Toriki

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Toriki is a yakitori venue that even the Japanese palette will agree with. Situated in JCUBE, overlooking Singapore's only olympic ice rink, the space is a good balance of modern and minimalistic décor. Diners can look forward to classic old school yakitori grilled over binchotan charcoal and a curated selection of craft beers on tap, sakes and cocktails.


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Juicy and tender, however lacking the crispy skin I have come to expect of the wings. Again because of the tare which it was only dipped in, it lacks seasoning


My favourite of the bunch. Cooked perfectly and charred at the ends for a smoky aroma


Nice jaw workout and the sauce was pretty light. Would be better if it was more salty


Reasonably soft but it wasn't as fatty as I had hoped. There's some flavour but otherwise it wasn't very impressive


Located on the 4th floor of Jcube, this casual Japanese bar was almost empty when I was there for lunch and yet the food took at least 15mins to arrive at the table. That aside, the rice was horrible - bland and dry. The skewers, although double in size of Tori-Q's, weren't fantastic either as the meats were tough (probably overcooked). The only better item is probably the eggplant (not pictured) - delicate flesh topped with sweet & spicy samba chilli, but costs a hefty $3.90 for just a skewer of 3s.

I'm pretty sure you'd want to better spend your money elsewhere for nicer yakitoris.


Ordered both the premium and normal Omakase for sharing.

Food was superb but can be better if the yakitori can keep its temperature.

The A4 wagyu is served with wasabi and a garnish from Kyushu. Preferred the wasabi as it gives a clean taste to the meat. Was hoping to have freshly grated wasabi though.

The bacon wrapped tomato stick was probably one of the best simple comfort food I ate.

The chicken heart and liver was surprisingly good. The smoked flavor goes really well with it.

Was pretty full from just the omakase and beer. Will come visit again.

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