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From the Burpple community

More colours, tastes and sights from the recent Bangkok trip - managed to squeeze in a trip to Talad Rot Fai Ratchada night market, one of my favourite places in town that I keep returning to. All that yummy food, cool vibes and bustling atmosphere, I just can’t get tired of it! Didn’t realise it’s open on weeknights too, so yay! Rainbow mango sticky rice, steamed pork dumplings, crispy coconut pancakes, seafood pancakes, watermelon slushies, oversized milk tea... and endless rows of knick-knacks shopping! Sensory overload (and too much food in my tummy!) 😋😍😘🥳🥰

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(not from the same stall as the queue was freaking long) but i like it! soup is spicy and sour complementing the tender meat. If I can handle the heat, i believe it'll be OK LAH for u 😂

These are from Jompalang noodle and they have huge bowls of wanton mee. The noodles are springy and the giant meatball is flavourful too.

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Mini pandan flowercake, this is my favourite stall. Mini size and make upon order. cheap and very delicious! it’s like pandan waffle and slightly uncooked. love it 😍 the common ones other place is selling are big and too much flour. so far i only know this stall sells mini one.

the other stall you have to check out here is the drink stall. the cha yuen (green milk tea) was good!! not too sweet.

Had this wonderful spicy soup at Ratacha Train Market that's filled with delicious seafood.
Apart from this, I also had the Pla Pao (ปลาเผา), which is a Charcoal Grilled Salt-Crusted Red Tilapia. Although the skin was rubbery and inedible, the flesh is juicy and almost melt in your mouth. Simply just amazing. I would definitely recommend the fish.

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The ice is not so sweet and utterly appropriate for the balmy nights in Bangkok.