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From the Burpple community

It was so delicious that im constantly craving for it. Noodles were not soggy and the broth is perfect! Major loveee

Honestly, Tsim Chai Kee was disappointing for me. I liked the wontons, as the shrimp were fresh, huge and bouncy and the wonton skin was thin and silky smooth. Noodles were sufficiently springy and thin, but I really didn't like the heavy use of alkaline. I think it completely overpowered the flavour of the soup, if any, and all I tasted was alkaline, which I'm not a fan of. I much prefer Mak's, which is just opposite.

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Located directly opposite the famous Mak's noodles, do give it a try to have a comparison. I kinda like the noodles, springy and has a good bite to it. The wan tan has a dace fish finishing taste to it which is really nice. For me personally, I loved the fish meat. It's huge and really nice. And it has a surprise finishing - a tinge of mandarin orange skin! Nice!

Ke ke ke than round 2. Another Micheline star wanton mee 😁