More Reviews at Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Hor Fun (Hong Lim Market)

More Reviews of good food at Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Hor Fun (Hong Lim Market)

Throwback post - Imagine my shock when the stall was listed as temporarily closed. Heng, uncle aunt reopened stall after their short break.

One hour-ish of traveling time for this plate of goodness. Prawn Horfun tasted the same like the times when I used to have them during my childhood / growing up days at Chinatown 😍😍😍. Too bad, crayfish version sold out when I reached around 1140am.

💜 Support Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Ho Fun at 531A Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, 02-40, Singapore 051531

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This is something worth indulging in once in a while. The brown sauce is thick and gooey with subtle sweetness from the crustacean. Prawns were deshelled, plump and served as a whole together with fresh and firm halved crayfish. The crustacean is fresh and well cooked with natural sweetness 》$10

There are other combinations on the menu that comes topped with ingredients such as crayfish, prawn, chicken, abalone mushroom, pacific clam and fresh prawn wanton.

At $10/bowl, this certainly isn’t the cheapest in the hawker but definitely one of the must-tries, especially if 3 uncles ahead in the queue (seemingly HOBOs of the hawker centre and the precinct) ordered the same. It was a blessing in disguise that the cheaper items on the menu that I’d budgeted to try were sold out! Crayfish were succulent, juicy and peeled off the shelves very readily! Prawns were peeled - so much ease to just pop a pump one into your mouth!

Fav lunch place & Was lucky to see a short queue today. Aunty is very generous with the ingredients! Highly recommend this hawker spot.

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Brown savoury sauce covered the plate of Hor Fun.
Prawns and crayfish were the star.
Generally brisk queue.



It does not, however fresh it may be. The noodles are silky smooth but the gravy doesn’t have much going on—it’s mostly peppery and savoury from soy sauce. The prawns are sweet and tender too, but this isn’t something you’d usually want to eat or stand in line for, especially if you’re only going to get the regular chicken version.

No Go
Can Go👌🏼
Must Go


This is the famous hor fun with a super long queue.
I had thought that crayfish in hor fun is a gimmick, used only to create a visual impact. But surprisingly, the taste of crayfish and prawns has been infused in the gravy such that it has a gentle taste of seafood. A colleague thought that the gravy was totally bland, while another agrees with me and she likes the faint taste of prawns and crayfish in its stock.
Although I won't queue for this, I could understand why this stall has garnered its fans.

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Located at #02-40. Priced at $6. The prawns given were quite big and the gravy is pretty good.


They've crayfishes, prawns, chicken available as toppings for your ipoh horfun. Featured is a Prawn &Chicken combo, with additional vegetables.

Love how gooey the gravy is, coating the kwaytiao so nicely and giving it a smooth slurpy texture. Chicken is tender and the prawns are fresh &meaty!

For all the kwaytiao fanatics out there!


My favourite from hong lim. I finally managed to order my crayfish hor fun since they ran out of crayfish during my last visit few months back.

Just look at the generous portions of succulent crayfish and prawn meat lying on top of Ipoh hor fun that is drenched in the aromatic glistening noodle gravy. Truly comfort food. Don’t forget to pair the dish with their sweet sour chili sauce. And be prepared to brave the long lunch crowd queues too. .
📍Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun
📍Hong Lim Market


Not bad but not filling for me. Crayfish is fresh though.

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I myself have never thought about queuing for this because I think crayfish in hor fun is a gimmick, used only to create a visual impact (this is what my colleague ordered). Aren't prawns good enough or perhaps even better than these tougher crayfish?
To verify this, I asked my colleague to let me taste the gravy to see if crayfish was added only as an afterthought. Surprisingly, the taste of crayfish and prawns has been infused in the gravy such that it has a gentle taste of seafood. Two other benchmark: this colleague thought that the gravy was totally bland, while another auntie agrees with me and she likes the faint taste of prawns and crayfish in its stock.
But no, it's not enough for me to queue for this. A hawker who takes pride in his cooking would also be able to create a great plate of hor fun using only prawns.


It's really hard to find good hor fun nowadays and this stall makes it very well. Fresh crayfish and prawns really add up to an excellent dish. Posted by Ah Leong San 2015 September 1

Have you heard of Tuck Kee Ipoh Sar Hor Fun situated right in Hong Lim Market? Their famous Crayfish Prawn Horfun was first introduced to me by my dad since many years ago when I was still a kid. I still remembered how fresh and sweet the crayfish was back then. And i always wondered what secret ingredients have they used in their sauce that makes the whole dish so yummy and delicious. Many years later and after Hong Lim Market have undergone a renovation, so glad that I managed to drop by the stall again recently. The never ending queue still remains and the taste of the crayfish horfun stays as delish and nostalgic. Thick gooey savory sauce paired with medium size fresh, crunchy crayfish and succulent few pieces of prawns at only $7 still remains as THE ONE I'll go for whenever I have a craving! #hawkerpedia


Ordered the big portion of $16 this time for both of us to share....what big crayfish... what big prawns....delicious as ever!

Fret not Today gonna recommend u this ipoh 沙河粉. The recommended one will be crayfish ipoh 沙 河粉. I can say the horfun is absolutely awesome not that soggy the stall owner boiled the thin kway teow just nice adding sesame seed oil after that add their delicious prawn gravy. The stall owner uses prawn shell & crayfish shell to cook your stock & add flour to thicken their gravy. Oh my the crayfish is fresh & meat is tender they dun use frozen crayfish. Not forgetting their prawn wonton soup the stall owner uses fresh prawn & wrap with the dumpling skin. One plate of crayfish horfun cost u $6 & fresh prawn wonton soup cost u $2.50.One thing i dislike is that they serve their horfun in disposable styrofoam plate. Never the less it is still worth it. Fyi The crayfish ipoh horfun always sold out early pls come early to queue up to avoid dissappointment.Stall Name: Tuck Kee Ipoh 沙 Hor Fun. Address:Blk 531A Upper Cross Street Hong Lim Complex #02-40 Spore 051531. Operating Hours: 1100-1500 Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

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Cray fish hor fun is always the hot topic when I gather with a few friends at Chinatown. Neither have I seen the longest queue with many food enthusiasts around queuing up for the mouth watering hor fun!!

At it's cost of waiting time which takes about 15-20mins usually and value for each plate cost $6.50/$8.00, it is definitely one of the most worthy hawker food fare you should consider and it is also pocket friendly as well!

You get the whole crayfish and some prawns.The crayfish and prawns are fresh. The crayfish is cut into half so it is easy to remove the meat. The prawns are already deshelled so you can just eat them. Here's a photo of crayfish ho fun. Read more: