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Reviews at TWG Tea on the Bay (Marina Bay Sands)

Reviews of good food at TWG Tea on the Bay (Marina Bay Sands)

This cake recommended by the waiter really “surprised”; It is a creme brulee tart with strawberries.
I am not a huge fan of creme brûlée but the sourness from Strawberry balances the caramel sweetness really well.. and also provided a different texture against the soft custard above and the tart base beneath (and at the sides).

All my favorites on a plate.. especially the crushed potato with chili oil which tasted more fragrant than usual.

Very flavorful and a little bit sour with all the jam and the fruits. Overall a refreshing dessert after the mains.

White Night Jasmine Tea Ice Cream, light and refreshing unlike anything I've ever had. 🍨😻

Eggs Benedict - $19
Toasted artisanal English muffins topped with two poached farmhouse eggs served with porcini hollandaise sauce and a choice of truffle mushroom duxelle, turkey ham or smoked salmon accompanied by a petite mesclun salad tossed in an 1837 Black Tea infused vinaigrette.

Other than their teatime sets, I noticed some customers ordering this Wagyu Burger (S$24.00) and hence decided to try it myself.

The good thing about this burger is that you can choose the doneness of the beef patty. I like it a little less cooked, so I got the Medium (doneness), and the patty turned out a little juicy, good enough to eat it slowly. However, I would have wished for less (or no) salt on the potato sticks (better known as French Fries), because the saltiness can only be washed away with tea, which is also not included in the food order.

I thought that the black teas (and certain black tea blends) went well with it. Today, I tried the Singapore Surprise (S$11.00), and yeah, it was all right.

This dish is one savoury meal with a powerful creamy combination. If you are a fan of creamy stuff like me, you will enjoy this. Otherwise you will be quite turned off by this strong cream based dish.

The caramelised salmon with teriyaki sauce is well flavoured, slight juicy on the inside. Beneath them is a bed of coconut ginger rice in the middle of the green Matcha Beurre Blanc sauce, like a treasure island of sort. You could probably already tell from here it's gonna be a clash of flavours: coconut, green tea and teriyaki. Each of these flavours are strong and stands well on its own, fighting for your taste buds.
I might say, even though I find this enjoyable, the flavour packed in this dish is really strong for me as well. I would definitely order this another time, if I'm unable to find something I would like to try on the menu, but for now, I would prefer to try something else.

It's very nice!
Cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and Blackberries....
What a beautiful medley of antioxidants on a buttery crust. $9.50++

This beautifully-plated dessert was small but mighty - sweet, strong flavours and contrasts; the chocolate was decadent - the entire creation was almost too pretty to eat.

For full review on TWG's festive tea set (ending today) 👉 click active link in bio. Have a wild Wednesday my dears 💋

Have a lovely Tuesday my dears 💋

Pan-seared Beef Tenderloin with Nargila-tea infused seared Foie Gras served with natural jus, quince puree and ice lettuce; accompanied by potiron (Winter squash) and Comte cheese pudding. Savoured the buttery foie gras which melted lusciously upon the tongue, painting it thickly. Then moved on to the succulent beef which yielded easily to the knife, beautifully marinated and ever-so gently smokey. The flakey potiron and Comte cheese pudding was tasty as well, a lovely combination of savoury and sweet flavours.

My choice of main course from their set menu, Marinated Wagyu Beef Tender along with Lu An Gua Pian infused potato chips. Not the best beef but glad the ambience made up for it.

Indulgence need not only happen during weekends. On a not-so-busy Monday afternoon, getting a Chic Tea Time Set (S$32.00) from TWG is equally rewarding.

On that afternoon tea stand, I have a plate of savoury bites. I actually love that Malt Bread and Smoked Salmon sandwich with sour cream topped with fresh dill and Gyokuro Samurai tea leaves (the rectangular piece) the most.

Then say "yes" to calories. The Chocolate Panna Cotta cake, amongst the selection of the TWG Tea Pâtisseries, was so good! A rich dark chocolate dome encapsulates the panna cotta core.

Not to forget the pot of tea. My food went really well with the Miraculous Mandarin Tea.

♡ The eggs and truffle combination! (And they are so beautifully plated ^^)
☆ $19++

😍 The theine-free, rooibos #tea reveals fruity notes of apple and orange, with hints of cinnamon and clove.

PS. It's also great to pair with sparkling wine as a cocktail. #MediaInvite

Patisserie Chef Philippe Langlois' #Christmas Red Tea Log Cake is a small package bursting with flavours - chocolate and tiramisu mousse, cream centre of rich cherry and black currant notes, and a red #tea fruit jelly. #MediaInvite

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