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Highly recommended by my colleagues, I finally made my way down to Two Chefs recently. Covered with condensed milk powder and thrown-in with fragrant curry leaves, Two Chefs Eating Place’s signature Butter Pork Ribs was utterly delightful. Wondrously tender with a melt-in-your-mouth quality, the almost fluffy texture of the pork ribs were superb. A dish seen on almost every table; the addictive snow-like dust made with melted butter combined with flour, and milk is certainly a novel yet tasty idea. Hence, with the creamy overtones mixed in with the sweet and the savoury, it was right up my alley. And not cloying sweet, I will definitely order it again!

Veg with egg, salted egg & century egg ($8/$$10/$14) 👍🏻Like how ‘sweet’ the broth was
Fried Squid ($8/$12/$16) 👍🏻👍🏻 Super crispy & addictive!
Butter Ribs ($8/$12/$16) 👌🏻This was a unique dish with snow flakes like butter & condensed milk. First time seeing this & found it rather interesting. Sadly the taste was ok & didn’t give me the ‘ooo’ & ‘ahhh’
Salted Egg Prawns ($15/$20/$25) 👎🏻 Quite disappointed with this as salted egg should be tasty for every dish. Rather bland & lacked aroma
Salted Fish Bean Sprout ($8/$10/$12) 👎🏻 Something seemed lacking in this simple dish, just not delectable
Omelette ($6/$9/$12) 👌🏻 Nothing fancy, nothing special, just the usual
Golden Mushroom Beancurd ($8/$10$12) 👌🏻Soft & silky tofu, not bad not bad
And so I was told this place was very packed & super crowded especially during weekends. Honestly, the dishes didn’t ‘wow’ me. But I must agree that the pricing was reasonably affordable.


My cocaine bliss. My legal high. My perfect dish🍴#AATeats #porkribs #burpple

Had butter ribs ($8) and drunken cockels ($7) and it tastes so good. The butter ribs is both sweet and salty at the same time while the drunken cockels is fresh. Recommend to come at around 6pm as queue starts to be long from 6:45pm.

Finally settled my craving for butter ribs! Pork ribs were tender and it blends well with the slightly sweet condensed milk powder. For those who have a sweet tooth, this dish is highly recommended for you. We went at about 930pm and they served the food within 10mins! Another dish you won’t want to miss out is the spinach with egg, salted egg and century egg ($8). Please go early to beat the crowd!

The meat is not as tender as I remember! Luckily the prawn paste chicken and cereal prawns are good. Small portions at $8, $8 and $15 respectively.
If you do takeaway, do be careful. Once they forgot our rice and this time they got the time wrong so we had to wait though we already placed an order in advance 😅

Butter Ribs ($8) - covered with condensed milk powder and curry leaves, the pork was fragrant and slightly sweet. Drunken Cold Cockles ($6) - it was served cold, loaded with garlic, chives, and doused in a spicy sauce. Honey Fried Chicken ($8) - the chicken was well marinated as the inside was tender and flavourful. It was deep fried till the outside was crisp. These three dishes with two plates of rice came up only to $24. So cheap and delicious! Definitely will come back and try the other dishes.

Finally got to try the famed butter pork. And I have to say, it's quite delightfully yummy. I was really very skeptical about the use of milk powder, as quite frankly, I don't really like milk powder since young. But that generous helping of milk powder really did bring out that buttery-milky taste. Looked totally unappealing, but absolutely mouth-watering satisfying.

A must-order dish from my fave neighbourhood zichar. I love how the beancurd is a little firmer (and therefore doesn't just fall apart when it's not supposed to). And the gravy, so much meaty gravy and loads of enoki mushrooms. I can't get enough!

Ah cockles... I remember pestering my dad for them every time we'd eat at Bedok 85 and getting our hands all dirty splitting them. 😝(Something about working for your food made it even more shiok)

None of that trouble here at Two Chefs with their drunken cockles! Halved for your convenience, just a quick tug with your chopsticks and you're on your way to Taste Town with its briny, garlicky and chilli flavours. While good, not quite as awesome as Putien's rendition, but they're always sold out anyway so I'll take what I can. 😅

Ohhh order their San Lao Hor Fun too! Loads of wok hei which really surprised us.

Two Chefs is well known for their 三捞河粉 and 牛油排骨. For 10 adults, we had the big portions of the former 2 dishes, 咸蛋鸡肉, 芙蓉蛋, 3-egg spinach, chili lala, sweet potato leaves with sambal, cereal squid and golden mushroom beancurd. I felt cheated by the cereal squid - it was deep fried with flour then stir fried with cereal. Basically you could taste 2 very different layers. 😤 The golden mushroom beancurd was normal (even though it was said to be their signature homemade tofu), and the sweet potato leaves didn't taste fantastic (my mum's tastes better). Damage was $14 per pax.

Westies who frequent Two Chefs know to head down as early as they can in order to snag a table at this super popular zi char stall (or be prepared to wait 30 minutes or more). It's one of the more affordable options in the West, great for penny-pinching students looking to host a class gathering. Get the famous Butter Pork Ribs (from $8) — deep-fried to a crisp, the juicy pork ribs are showered with a melt-in-your-mouth milk powder that is addictively good! Our Burpple community also loves the chilled Drunken Cockles ($7) topped with garlic, chilli padi and spring onion, as well as the comforting Three Egg Spinach (from $8). The latter comes with a tasty, luscious gravy that you must drizzle all over your rice. Shiok.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua

Top - Butter pork ribs (medium size=8 pcs)
Bottom left - 3egg spinach
Bottom right - Drunken cockles
Not in picture - Tofu with golden mushroom, 2 bowls of rice. Total cost $38

Third visit this time. Must order their butter pork ribs and 3egg spinach. The pork ribs are generousy covered with milk powder. Spinach was cooked till the right texture - soft and chewy. Druken cockles was a new dish attempt for us - precooked cockles refrigerated then added with garlic, chilli padi and other condiments (ps it does not have strong alcohol taste although it is name as drunken). Another new dish attempt is tofu with golden mushroom- a puny salty though..

Highly recommend the butter pork ribs and honey fried chicken! 😍 The 3-egg vegetables and black pepper beef were tasty but just ordinary!

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