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[CLOSED] two fat men

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Burgers. Thai. Cocktails. Beer. Rockstar hosts.


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The weekend's almost here and I'm already looking forward to kicking back at the local with a drink or two while watching the world go by. The Jungle Bird was made for languid summer days by the poolside, with a thirst quenching mix of dark rum, bittersweet campari, honey, pineapple and lime juice. This makes me almost glad to be living in the tropics.

Taste: 3.5/5


My recent home away from home away from home, Two Fat Men dishes up some pretty damn good smoky basil chicken fried rice with a legit Asian style a la minute wok-fried runny egg. Also worth noting is their happy hour which runs till 9pm where Singha towers go for only 48++. Thai beer to go with Thai fried rice at a bar run by 2 jolly Swedes. Superb.

Taste: 3.5/5


Two Fat Men are back in East Coast after a long hiatus with a brand new menu, a revamped selection of fine craft beers as well as artisanal spirits, and most intriguingly, two very affable but not so fat Swedes running the bar. These chicken chicharrons are deep-fried till shatteringly crispy and served with 'suka', a spicy Filipino vinegar sauce that cuts right through the oiliness. Goes especially well with beer.

Taste: 3.5/5


Two Fat Men is a casual eatery serving Thai and Western cuisine, and beers! The fried rice (~$6.50) is moist, fragrant and bursting with flavours from the basil, chicken and whatever magical spice/sauce the chef uses. Even better eaten with the oozy yolk from the sunny side up ;) The pork neck (ordered separately; ~$9.90) is marinated in spices, and roasted till crisp on the edges, but still succulent. It comes with a tamarind dip, which tanginess refreshed our palates. Wash everything down with a beer and you're set to go! I haven't tried anything else here because these are such good comfort food. :b


Grilled pork neck with tamarind sauce which took forever to arrive...

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