Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village)

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Pure bagel goodness, hand rolled fresh from right from our very backyard. Be installed for a treat, savour one of our babies and get blown away. Addiction is guaranteed.

16 Enggor Street
#01-12 Icon Village Altez
Singapore 079717

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09:00am - 04:00pm

09:00am - 04:00pm

08:00am - 04:00pm

08:00am - 04:00pm

08:00am - 04:00pm

08:00am - 04:00pm

08:00am - 04:00pm

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From the Burpple community

- all sorts bagel
- scrambled eggs
- smoked salmon
- cheddar

Portions were really generous and the bagel was filling!

It is what it is. The mild heat from the jalapeños balances out the greasiness from the cheese.
While the warmly toasted jalapeño cheese bagel is good on its own, pairing it with a sunny side up will make it perfect. 你get吗?

A popular spot for bagel and I totally enjoyed their Personal Best, which stuffed with lots of peanut butter, big size of spam with hash and sunny egg.

Agree with most people that it is actually come in big size but totally worth it.

Make sure to grab their refreshing lemonade for some cool down after the heavy meal.

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Eating TMB has always been a messy affair bcos the bagels are always chock full of ingredients. Tried the Be(the)SM and it was delicious!!! Their coffee is really strong too 😍

I had the onion bagel to go with my fat back bagel! The onion-y flavour isn’t as pronounced compared to bagels with stronger flavour profiles, such as the jalapeño cheese. However, still a pretty decent bagel!

I love how the blueberry jam comes so well together with the savoury meat! The lil’ cabbages were so adorable and cooked to perfection! Note: they’re slightly bitter in nature so it’s not a flaw! Kinda like bitter gourd y’know. My Cousy didn’t like the puny cabbages and picked them out one by one - of which I helped myself to.

I’m not going into the details of the individual ingredients that comes so perfectly in this bagel - one can search them up only very easily! Just gonna say, this is my favourite kinda bagel by far!!

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Turkey strips with many other ingredients that one can easily look up from their menu so I shall not go too much into the details.

Allow me to hype on the bagel instead! Cousy picked the Jalapeño cheese bagel to go with her turr-key bagel. It’s SO EXTREMELY crispy and delicious - think they kinda baked the bagel before they assembled it. The balsamic vinegar that spilled over to the bagel added another dimension to the Jalapeño cheese bagel 😋 The turkey was a tad dry - thank goodness for the sauces and all. Also, love how the bagel came ‘infused’ with an egg at the bottom. Also, for non onion lovers (like me), rmb to ask for no onions! We forgot and spend some time getting those raw onions out. Wouldn’t mind caramelised ones tho!!