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Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village)

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Pure bagel goodness, hand rolled fresh from right from our very backyard. Be installed for a treat, savour one of our babies and get blown away. Addiction is guaranteed.

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Cashew hummus, avocado, onions, charred spiced cauliflower and lotus chips on all sorts bagel. The portion is big and filling. Worth it for the price as they are generous with the ingredients.

I like this flavour combination - definitely not your usual boring eggs and bacon. As a lover of charred cauliflower and onions, I enjoyed this very much.

Such a beauty. Salmon & cream cheese never disappoints. Love this combi with the red onions instead. It’s mildly sharp (if you geddit, you geddit) and cuts thru the fattiness between the smoked salmon and cheese cheese.
The newly revamped place is much spacious with more seats. Definitely took the pressure off me to wolf down my bagel.

Lulamon was filled with cashew hummus, avo, onion, charred spiced cauliflower & lotus chips. This was multi-dimensional and interesting, everything came together really nicely. A shoutout to the lotus chips which provided a good crunch & some textural variation to the bagel :)

Hawt cheeks was filled with chicken thigh, chilli kewpie, salad greens & bacon. Was also a satisfying bagel but less interesting bc I feel like it’s a common combi? Chicken was tender and juicy, it was the star of the bagel.

Will be back for the other flavours!

Perfection. The dimensions of flavours in this one blew my mind. The cream cheese evened out the salty smoked salmon, and the pickled beets and capers added zing. There was also a light touch of dill. The tomato slice helped refresh my palate before I took on another bite. And another and another...

I exaggerated a little but the experience was definitely this enjoyable. Haha.

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Added on scrambled eggs and rocket leaves, and it was very satisfying. The café ambience was really lively and upbeat. Paid $11 for this, though a tad expensive, would still come back to try a couple of the other combinations.

Wow fantastic Bagel! Can see why there is a constant queue. Love the vibes!