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From the Burpple community

If you're udon lover, you should really try out this place! Cold udon have always been my favourite. But sadly you don't see it in many Japanese restaurants. Pricing are mostly RM19.90.

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This new udon shop has taken over Arata Udon which specialized in udon as well and I'm kinda sad as Arata Udon served really well made udon compared to other players in the market. Luckily, this new kid doesn't disappoint (though I still feel Arata has fared slightly better in the quality of their udon) as their udon is pretty decent but I was quite bummed cos they have ran out of Tamago (RM 7.90) and Onsen Tamago Udon (TM 16.90) so I had to resort to this Udon with Vegetable Fritters (RM 14.90). The vegetable fritters are crunchy but not too oily which is a good news to me as I usually avoid fritters since it will normally be drenched in oil. As for the edamame (RM 5.90) I'm one happy customer with the quality that they served, even though edamame seems to be an unassuming side dish but I always think that a decent plate of edamame is what all Japanese restaurant should master in, as even some of the famed Jap restaurants have their fair share of crappy edamame. All in all, try this restaurant if you have sudden udon craving as all the items served are quite value for money with decent quality to fill up your grumbling tummy!

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