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She recommended me to try this and I was blown away. The soft, cushiony ondeh ondeh sponge was chiffon-like, so light, so soft and so fluffy! Though the ondeh ondeh flavour wasn't intesnse, the layers of gula melaka in between the sponge was distinct with a sweet note. Sweet enough to be eaten on its own. The ondeh ondeh cakes here are officially my favourite. And also my mum's favourite. I've got orders to get this again when I revisit JB 😂

The light and fluffy soufflé had a strong egg aroma with a subtle lychee martini taste :) In the background, Bloo coral latte that tastes like bubble gum!
Thanks to @hazeldiary_ for the recommendation on the Bloo latte!

Perfect place for groups! Please try the nachos!

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