63 Jurong West Central 3
#03-89D Jurong Point
Singapore 648331

11:00am - 09:00pm

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Reviews at UFO

Reviews of good food at UFO

Situated at Jurong Point’s Mongkok Street, this is an Unusual Food Outlet (UFO) you won’t want to miss. Opened just around September last year, its menu offers a selection of mainly sweet and savoury crepes. To complete your meal, you can simply add-on a refreshing drink of your choice such as their signature, Yuzu Plum Soda. I absolutely love the yogurt popping bobas in it!
Featured here is their signature sweet crepes, a perfect harmony of Nutella, sweet potatoes and marshmallows. As introduced by the owner, the crepes here at UFO are made to be on the softer side, alike French Crêpes, while still maintaining that slight crisp at the top area.
It was certainly a great dessert to end the night and I can foresee myself trying the savoury crepes soon!
Thanks @ufosgp for the invite!
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Located at Jurong Point Shopping Centre, JP 2 Mongkok Street #03-89D, right opposite Crystal Jade Kitchen. Newly open shop that sells Sweet Crepe, Savoury Crepe, Japanese Rice & Drinks. All their crepes were based on French recipe and made locally here in the shop. These crepes are amazing! They are crispy on the outside, but still maintain softness in some areas in the Crepe. They created more local flavours to suit our taste bud too. We looked at their menu and was tempted to try all! In the end, we tried their Signature Savoury Sweet Potato Crepe - Salted Egg Chicken, $5.30. Salted egg sauce was fragrant and yet not overwhelming.. the chicken were so tender and juicy as they uses chicken thigh! Everything was so awesomely good!!
The Yuzu Plum Soda (L), $4.50 was tasty! Soda drink infused with Yuzu plum and tasty yogurt flavour balls caught us by surprise as it burst in your mouth! It can be stacked together for convenience eating too! •

Thank you Darius for hosting us! He’s very warm and friendly, even explained in detail to us the way how the crepes are used to bring out the flavor of the food! @ufosgp #hungryunicornsg #ufosgp #unusualfoodoutlet #crepes #jurongpointshoppingcentre

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Featured here is yet another of @ufosgp ‘s signature dessert crepe: a 3-in-1 combination of Nutella, sweet potato and marshmallows. The owner Darius mentioned that instead of the thin, crispy and cracker-like crepes that most dessert crepes places are offering in Singapore, the ones here lean towards the softer side while still retaining a slight crispness to provide a higher authenticity to the French-originated recipe. True enough, while the top part retains a pleasant crispness, the bottom part of this crepe was softer albeit still firm and bears an ideal thickness that holds the interior well enough. The interior of Nutella and sweet potatoes was surprisingly a good combination, a luscious spread of chocolate-hazelnut goodness with a pleasant tinge of natural sweetness from the creamy sweet potato chunks. The marshmallows were somewhat redundant here IMO, but still an enhancement to the visuals? 😅. And perhaps one that would satisfy the kids as well 😌. .
Thanks @ufosgp (and @foodinsing) for the invite to try out this Unusual (and cool) Food Outlet that’s certainly a satisfying and convenient treat after a long day in school. Contradict to the name, I am glad that I would not need to take a UFO to here as it’s conveniently located within Jurong Point Shopping centre, a stone’s throw away from NTU! ✌🏻 .
#burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice

Each of the savoury crepes offered here (swipe to the end for the full menu) comes with assorted purple and orange sweet potato fillings, which is what @ufosgp specializes in, apart from the inhouse made crepe that’s adapted from an authentic French recipe! ✨ Within the soft, thin crepes lies a huge chunk of deep fried chicken cutlet, tender and succulent with a slightly crisp exterior, topped with a substantial amount of thick, creamy salted egg sauce. Would personally prefer for a higher intensity of saltiness and perhaps a greater tinge of spice but nevertheless, it was still a great combination with the chunks of sweet potato embedded within, along with a pleasant crunch of raw, crisp lettuce. The portion is deceiving though- seemed like a snack but it certainly suffice for a meal, especially when you opt for a beverage to go along with it! Featured here is the signature Yuzu plum soda, refreshing, slight fizzy with a citrusy note and a pleasant bubbling surprise lies beneath as the YOGURT POPPING BOBBA camouflaged itself and exploded with a burst as it pops in your mouth! 💥 It was indeed a challenge to guess the flavour of the popping bobbas 😅 .
Thanks @ufosgp for the invite to check out this Unusual Food Outlet- also a convenient takeaway kiosk that’s situated within Jurong Point Shopping centre- another option to enjoy a quick bite while rushing for my lessons in NTU 👍🏻 .
#burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice

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To be honest, if you've already tried S'mores fries, this definitely would taste familiar due to the use of sweet potatoes, as a crepe. Trust that the combination just works well - it is their specialty sweet crepe after all. 😋

With a variety of sweet and savoury crepes, there is never a wrong time to visit UFO at Jurong Point's Mongkok Street for a satisfying takeaway snack or potentially filling meal!

This is part of a hosted meal at @ufosgp.

An acronym for Unusual Food Outlet, UFO is situated at Jurong Point's very own Mongkok Street. You can have the choice between savoury or sweet and there's a fine variety of options to select from. Something interesting about this takeaway stall would be that all crepes share one common ingredient - sweet potatoes!

For the savoury option, the Salted Chicken Savoury Crepe (5.30), which is composed of crispy chicken thigh drizzled in salted egg sauce, lettuce and sweet potato, is a choice that won't be a letdown to your tastebuds! The chicken is really crisp - a surprise because of the time taken for photos, yet it still retained that satisfying crunch with every bite - and juicy, while the salted egg sauce is just right, adding enough flavour to the chicken and crepe without being over the top. Let's not forget the sweet potatoes - purple and orange - which I love because they are extremely soft and do contribute a bout of sweetness overall.

For the drinks, I definitely would recommend the Yuzu Plum Soda ($3 medium, $4.50 large) and let me tell you, large is LARGE, much so that I believe you can share it. It is a great refreshing beverage option especially for a hot day, and to make it all the better, there's yoghurt flavoured popping pearls which add a subtle! 😁

This meal is hosted by @ufosgp. Shoutout to ma bro @darr3n0ng for the invite!

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If you ain’t that fussy as an eater, this new hidden gem in Jurong Point will keep you entertained for weeks! Husband and I had just ate Angus Beef and Salted Egg Chicken Crepes, Nacho Cheese Twisted Fries and a large Yuzu Soda Sour Plum. Ingredients were fresh and goes very well in the mouth. Keep it up! It’s been a wonderfoody experience!

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I can’t stop snacking on this.
While the healthy drink ‘Yuzu Plum Soda’ is also awesome!
Honestly, it’s really really refreshing with nicely light sweetness 👌 their others drinks are also interesting.
Sweet Crepes:
•Nutella Banana $3.5
•Nutella Cheese $3.7
•Cream Corn Peanut $3.2
•Condensed Milk Cheese $3.2
•Nutella Sweetpotato & Marsmallow $4.2

Healthy Drinks (size M $3 , L $4.5)
•Yuzu Plum Soda
•Red Date White Fungus Tea
•Chammomile Berry Tea
•Winter Melon Longan Tea
•Pandan Aloe Vera
🚝MRT Boonlay
📍#03-89D Jurong Point, 63 Jurong West Central 3 Singapore 648331
Rate(5/5)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-LOVE IT-
Thankyou @foodinsing for inviting!
#crepes #sweetcrepes #jurongpoint

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You can get a fast yummy and pretty yet very healthy food here.
The unique thing is they use super soft sweet potato (both orange & purple) for the filling.
If you’re a sweet potato lovers, you must be really like this.
All crepes are made upon order using fresh ingredients.
My most fav is their signature menu “Salted Egg Chicken”.
It’s soooo good! Imagine crispy chicken with salted egg sauce plus sweet potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes in a wrap is yummm 👍
Their savoury crepes comes in many choices:
•Salted Egg Chicken ($5.3)
•Chicken Luncheon & Nacho Cheese ($4.2)
•Smoked Salmon ($6.8)
•Angus Beef Steak ($8.9)
•Chilli Softshell Crab ($7.8)
•Truffle Sweet Potatoes ($4.5)
PS: pair with their drinks, it’s so good ❤️
🚝MRT Boonlay
📍#03-89D Jurong Point, 63 Jurong West Central 3 Singapore 648331
Rate(5/5)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-LOVE IT-
Thankyou @foodinsing for inviting me and for all the hands in frame 💪

Crispy or soft? Rid away your dilemma as you can find your preferred style at @UfoSGP, an avant garde food kiosk offering a contemporary Asian-Fusion bites at pocket-friendly prices!
Bundling up nutritious & colourful sweet potatoes along with a tantalising variety of ingredients in their specialty French-style crepes, expect to find:
Savoury Soft Crepes
•Salted Egg Chicken ($5.30) 💖
•Smoked Salmon ($6.80)
•Truffle Sweet Potatoes ($4.50)
•Chicken Luncheon & Nacho Cheese ($4.20)
•Chili Soft-Shell Crab ($7.80) ✨
•Angus Beef Steak ($8.90)
Sweet Crispy Crepes
•Nutella Sweet Potatoes & Marshmallows ($4.20)
•Nutella & Banana ($3.50) 🌟
•Nutella & Cheese ($3.70)
•Cream Corn & Peanuts ($3.20)
•Condensed Milk & Cheese ($3.20)
📷Hand model: Special credits to @FoodInSing for your super stable hands! Thanks for inviting!
📍UFO (Unusual Food Outlet)
#03-89D JP2 Mongkok Street
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
63 Jurong West Central
Daily: 11am - 9.30pm

Extra! Read All About It! ~ UFO has landed in Jurong Point! 👾

Okay, don't panic!  The UFO I am referring to is an eatery named Unusual Food Outlet, which offers a wide selection of sweet and savoury crepes, as well as Japanese rice dishes and homemade/brewed drinks.

The Salted Egg Chicken Crepe featured here consists of a thick and succulent piece of chicken thigh meat, colourful purple and orange sweet potato slices and crunchy lettuce that are encased snuggly in freshly-made French crepe.  It is a filling and nutritious meal that will appeal to the local taste buds.

The Yuzu Plum Soda tastes refreshing and it is really fun to bite into the yoghurt flavour bursting boba and feel them pop in the mouth.

Do drop by UFO and let them take you on an in-CREPE-able food journey!
Unusual Food Outlet
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
JP2 Mongkok Street
Unit No.: 03-89D
63 Jurong West Central 3
Singapore 648331
Tel No.: 8484 1225

Thank you @darr3n0ng @foodinsing for the invite and @ufosgp for hosting.

Thanks @melmeleats for being such a great food model.




Besides selling savoury crepes including salted egg chicken and soft shell crab, they do sweet crepes as well, to cater to all of your sweet teeth!! 🍬 🍯 PS the pieces of sweet potato surprisingly went well with the Nutella 🤓

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By the time we bite into the crepe, the chicken 🐔 surprisingly still held its crisp pretty well and the meat was both tender and juicy! The salted egg yolk wasn’t too underwhelming and complemented the chicken well 😀 so if you’re looking to grab a quick bite, you now have another option at @ufosgp located at Mongkok Street in Jurong Point!

Thanks to @ufosgp for the kind invite 😇😇

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