UNA, the Spanish restaurant housed at the iconic One Rochester, opened its doors on 12 April 2014, and has been credited with setting new al fresco dining standards. UNA presents fresh authentic Spanish tapas and parrilla (Spanish for ‘grill’) in a cosy, breezy al fresco garden setting. Using only fresh, seasonal ingredients, the team of dedicated chefs led by Executive Chef Antonio Oviedo present Spanish cuisine through trendy creations; offering real, unpretentious food that is robust, wholesome and full of flavours.

1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212

05:00pm - 11:00pm

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Reviews at UNA at One Rochester

Reviews of good food at UNA at One Rochester

😭 Throwback to #UNAsg's Paella De Chorizo Y Habitas - Spanish chorizo paella with fava beans, saffron and flavoursome aioli. #FindNewFood #MediaTasting

Yes please. Can't wait for this monster sore throat to go away! Missing all these delicious eats!

Other than their paellas, the menu offers an extensive variety of tapas such as their Smoky Grilled Octopus and Tiger Prawns in Olive Oil, as well as grilled items and mains such as the Catch of the Day and Barbecued Iberican Pork Ribs.

Pair it with UNA's authentic red wine sangria and you are in for a treat. Honestly, I just ate my foie gras separately from the toasted flatbread but it mattered least coz the foie gras was absolutely creamy on its own. Presenting the Coca De Higos Y Foie Con Vermouth ($26). [Media Tasting]

The coffee foam on the dark chocolate makes the crispy churros so good!

Didn't taste the gula melaka in the cream nor the five spice in the chocolate but it was still a pretty great execution - non-greasy, crispy churros dipped in cream and chocolate? Sign me right up. Great way to end off a Restaurant Week set dinner. Thought UNA had one of the more interesting menus there and it didn't let me down. The beautiful environment was also spot on.

We ordered this in addition to the Restaurant Week set dinners. It took a long time to come, but kudos to the wait staff and kitchen cos they sent over croquettes for us to enjoy on the house while we waited for this. Every grain of rice was chock full of flavour but if I had to nitpick - prawns were a little overcooked and I wish there were more crusty bits. Think Binomio's paella has an edge over this.

So good. The Iberian pork was so juicy and tender, and had none of that gamey pork taste that we tend to find in some local places.

Tender octopus with just the right amount of chew. (On a side note: thought the purple potatoes were taro but they really were purple baby potatoes.)

Was impressed with the Restaurant Week dinner we had at UNA. This was yum. Unctuous foie gras with sweet, slightly smokey figs. Pretty much a perfect starter. If only there was more...

Featuring their Arroz Negro ($52 for small, $72 for large) - squid ink paella with fresh cuttlefish, clams and prawns.
The paella was infused with sweet seafood broth, and the aioli sauce was bursting with garlic goodness 🤗
Thanks @1_una and @affluencepr for the kind invitation!
Find out more from the link in my profile!

Check out this Creamy Iberico Ham Croquettes @1_una Filled with creamy sauce and bite size pieces of hams and covered in a thin batter.
Location: 1 Rochester Park, Singapore 139212
#unasingapore #spanishfood #burpple #burpplesg

3 munchies: The Chorizo Paella may have been prepared with the finest ingredients including high-quality Valencian rice and saffron, however, the subtle flavours in the rice did not quite come through. Topped with sweet and tender fava beans, what really stood out in the dish was the crunchy, briny chorizo. Thankfully there was an abundance of it to dip with the garlicky aioli!

This was a hosted meal by UNA; many thanks to Affluence PR for the invitation.

Nonetheless, I didn't enjoy this at all as the flavours were playing a single flat tone. Was definitely not wow-ed.

Address: 1, Rochester Park, Singapore 139212

Squid ink Spanish noodles paella with crispy calamari ($20) had so much promise but was let down by the flavours and greasiness. I would very much prefer my chao ta bee hoon and calamari separately.

Address: 1, Rochester Park, Singapore 139212

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