30 Robertson Quay
#01-05 Riverside Village Residences
Singapore 238251

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From the Burpple community

Perfectly grilled to have a crisp top without being too charred, with succulent meat. Hitsumabushi involves 3 methods of eating - 1. eel on its own, 2. add nori, wasabi and green onion, 3. pour in clear dashi. The second method was our personal preference, with the condiments balancing out the sweetness from the caramelization and sauce. Both the dashi and accompanying miso soup were on the lighter side.

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With a rich history of over a century, @unagiyaichinoji is Miyagawa Honten’s first overseas outpost in 🇸🇬 and operates 20 outlets in 🇯🇵 alone. Famed for their expert grilling techniques and secret in-house sauces, you absolutely won’t want to miss this place if you’re a unagi lover. Of course you’d want to try all 3 unagi restaurants to determine which is the best right😉?

👉Unagi Hitsumabushi (L) - SGD39.80
👉Grilled Squid - SGD14.80
👉Black Sesame Ice Cream - SGD2.80

The unagi here is prepared Kanto style, which means that the eel is first grilled without seasoning, then steamed, then grilled again with their special sauce. Because of the steaming step, the unagi is actually softer and more tender, but lacks that crisp skin which I desire. Overall, I still enjoyed their Unagi Hitsumabushi a lot! Special mention goes out to their Black Sesame Ice Cream, which was better than I expected😂.

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📍Unagiya Ichinoji
30 Robertson Quay 01-05, S238251

Fatty wagyu with miso sauce simmered. Not too bad, honestly. Some parts of the meat do melt in your mouth.. the restaurant posted this as a new dish.Costs $9++

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Unagiya Ichinoji is one of those places you’re gonna hit up once or twice a year when you have that sudden Unagi craving outta nowhere.

We had the signature medium Unagi Hitsumabushi ($35++) and I kinda have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the unagi quality is impeccable and extremely fresh. The unagi was plump and deliciously tender, I dare say having an almost melt-in-your-mouth kinda texture.

I also really like the mix of flavours I get from their 3 different methods of tasting: first eating it straight from the bowl, then eating it mixed with wasabi, white spring onion and seaweed flakes, lastly with the house made dashi stock poured in.


Love the unagi here! There was a nice chargrilled exterior and relatively soft eel fillet underneath. Although I did wish it could be a bit thicker? This dish is to be eaten in 3 ways - first with the unagi and rice, second with the condiments like the wasabi and green onions, and third is with the lightly flavoured dashi broth! This set also comes with unagi chawanmushi which was delicious too!

Was really craving for some unagi and after reading and comparing online reviews on several unagi specialty shops such as Man man unagi (which was said to have a sweet sauce) and Uya (which was said to be less crispy and had more bones), i decided to choose Unagiya ichinoji. Especially after reading @sethluicious review on the Unagi showdown, comparing these 3 shops.

Had the unagi hitsumabushi (L) $38.80 which i shared with my mum. WOW I AM SOLD😍😍 we opted for the tokyo sauce which was more savoury as compared to the singapore sauce (sweeter as it was tailored to the local tastebud i guess). Love that the sauce had the right amount of savoury and sweetness and did not overpower the taste of the unagi. Also the unagi was plump and had a slight nice charred crispy texture😍. The rice was soft and slightly chewy, complementing well with the softness of the unagi. The dashi stock had this unami taste which we like😊

Taste: 4/5 (really love that the sauce wasnt too sweet and love the unagi's slightly crisp exterior with soft interior)
Worth it: 3.75/5 (the L size was just nice for 2pax, plus there was decent amount of unagi)
Ambience: 3.5/5 (we went at lunch time and weekday, hence there were lesser people perhaps)
Overall: 7.75/10

No go
Can go
Must go😊 try it if you crave for unagi and feel lazy to queue for Man man unagi.

They have 2 outlets in Singapore. One at suntec and one at robertson quay!


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