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HKD37 | Morning set consists of a sandwich/ croissant and tea/ coffee at HKD37!

Had a go at their famous Molten Salted Egg York Lava Croissant and was slightly disappointed at how they didn’t heat up the croissant. Nonetheless, crust was still pretty crispy and the salted egg york fillings are creamy! Love how copious they are with the salted egg york fillings as every bite, I could taste it. Would have been better if it was served hot though!

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#SorryNotSorry This might be the MOST decadent, lavish yet DELISH croissant I've come across 🤑

So glad that it was worth the price tag & 2nd trip down 🙏🏻😭 - someone had faster legs than me by 5 seconds & got the last piece 😩
Also found out that the reason for the common duo of ginger & hairy crab, as the latter is known to be "cooling". I absolutely adore ginger so it's a wonderful addition to the yummy roe that's 1:1 ratio to the crab meat hehehe 😋
TASTE: 10/5 spot-on perfection ✨ Hands down the best croissants I've had 😭😭😭Crust is crispy, buttery & peels off in multiple flaky layers ☺️ Come down early to avoid disappointment cos they only sell 10 of the hairy crab croissantwiches a day during the season! Besides liu sha croissant, they also sell others like 🍫 and peanut butter milk custard!
AMBIENCE: 4/5 Location tucked under the Hysan Place mall at #CausewayBay. It's such pity that the bakery is a small takeaway at Jason's supermarket! Le Mum wanted a 🍰, but there were no seats. So they may have lost some customers for the lack of a proper cafe to enjoy their 🍞 & 🍰 😬
SERVICE: 4/5 Nice seeing the Chef meticulously assembling our sandwich & tending to our request of heating up the cold Liu sha croissant ☺️ however, staff was a bit reluctant to give extra tissues & cutlery ☹️

The original liu sha (salted egg yolk custard) croissant from Hong Kong's Urban Bakery is my least favourite out of this bunch, and it already beats any I've had in Singapore hands down!

If I had to rank these golden-skinned beauties, the Ball Law number would certainly emerge as pageant queen. Flaunting a crisp, mottled crust atop flaky, buttery folds with a luscious pat of beurre d'Isigny wedged in between, the amalgamation of familiar flavours and textures makes this po lo bao-croissant hybrid so easy to love.

Traditionalists would be charmed by the classic Almond Croissant wearing a glossy glazed top littered with toasted nutty slivers, while those who prefer their pastries with a touch of savouriness must try the Lava Cheese – it really flows.


The croissant was so addictive and reasonably priced that we went back the next day for breakfast. Outer crust was similar to that of polo buns; it tasted of custard and was very crusty and shattered once we started cutting it. The croissant was flaky. Salted yolk lava within was creamy and plentiful which spewed with every cut even at the corners 😍 The croissant was overall on the oily and heavy side and could get a little jelat but it was sheer indulgence.

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The salted egg filling is more buttery & custardy than the ones in Sg. Plus the whole croissant is filled w it, rather than just in the middle! And this is only HKD22! So much cheaper than in Sg. ☺️☺️☺️ #Burpple #urbanbakery #hongkong #saltedeggcroissant


Super fragrant and crispy butter croissant overflowing w golden goodnesssss I JUST WENT TO HEAVEN 💕🙆🏻💕🙆🏻💕🙆🏻 #burpple