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Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach)

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One of Korea’s hottest restaurants, Vatos Urban Tacos, has come to Singapore. Influenced by Mexican street tacos in Los Angeles and home-cooked Korean meals, the menu consists of creations like the Kimchi Carnitas Fries, Galbi Tacos, and Spicy Chicken Quesadillas. Vatos Urban Tacos has since garnered praise for providing exciting new tastes using only the freshest ingredients. CNN named Vatos the “Hottest New Restaurant in Seoul,” and The Daily Meal chose Vatos as one of the “10 Best American Restaurants Outside of the States”. Vatos Singapore is located in the beautiful former National Armoury Building in South Beach and can seat up to 80 people indoors and another 30 people outdoors.

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at Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach)
Tacos or Burritos & Drink
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Tacos or Burritos & Alcoholic Drink
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SAVE ~$17

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From the Burpple community

Back at vatos after my first visit for the burpple year end party, and decided to order the quesadillas because i remembered liking them alot. The 4 pieces didn't seem like much, but perhaps due to the thickness of the wrap and the richness of the cheese, was actually quite a substantial meal.

Preciously tried the kimchi pork and loved it, but the carne asada that i decided to try this time round was a little disappointing. While being super flavourful with just the right punch if spiciness, the beef was tough and chewy. I'd recommend to stick with the pork instead which was more tender.

Although i liked the food in general, prices here are indeed on the higher end, and i wouldn't dare say that it would have been worth it without burpple beyond

The moment you walk into the place, you’re hit with strong overpowering smell of onions which can be a little unpleasant.

The atmosphere is one of industrial but yet it is cosy. The tacos are pretty good but it’s not the best out there and they are pretty expensive, for the price you’ve to pay. You could get better tacos out there as well.

They do serve up some fancy and cool alcoholic drinks which girls would definitely love. I feel you can visit this restaurant if you’re not on a budget and don’t mind the price point.

We had the spicy chicken ($18) and carne asada ($19) quesadillas. They were decent but I really really love their tacos which I had on a previous visit!!!

Vatos Style Burrito - $18
Burrito filled with mexican rice, black bean, cheese, kimchi, french fries, cilantro lime crema, chipotle mayo, cilantro onion, pico de gallo & vatos hot sauce. I picked barbacoa pork meat as the meat filling. It’s so huge it’s good for 2 ladies seriously, best paired with a couple of drinks. Eligible with burpple beyond, nothing gets better than that
Vatos Urban Tacos

Feeling the Korean vibes? Great drink to try, good for sharing. Worth it with burpple 141.


Had 2 tacos each via 1-1 and we had to say, this is a refreshing take to the usual food that we had!

Barnacoa Pork - A slow-braised sweet & spicy shredded pork shoulder served w/ cilantro, onion and their own vatos hot sauce. Taste and feel like a Mexican while munching on it. The hot sauce when tasted on your tongue tingles with each munch yet the cilantro cools down the hot sauce that tingles.

Chimichurri Chicken - Spicy chicken w/ sweet tangy chimichurri salsa, lettuce, cilantro lime cream & mexican cheese. This is definitely the refreshing of the 2 types we had, must not be missed! Its oomph with light & the ingredients meld together in crunch! We thoroughly enjoy this over the pork albeit the pork stands well on its own too!

Mexican Soda taste like coke and sprite LOL

Be prepared to get messy but its a mess that's worth the mess!

Bring along your partner/friends and enjoy the food & chill environment. They serve alcohol as well.

Will be back for more. Kudos~

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