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Not a matcha fan, so kurogoma it is! I love how the soft serve is lush yet light, and packed with nutty black sesame flavour.


4.5 munchies: What's in my 3-Flavoured Waffle Cup – Hokkaido Milk, Houjicha, and Royal Milk Tea soft serve, topped with azuki, shiratama, tapioca balls, and chocolate rolled wafer. One word for the silky-smooth, creamy soft serves – WOW. Though I was a tad disappointed that the Matcha soft serve wasn't available on the day I visited, the Houjicha had won me over instantly for its richness with just a tinge of bitterness. 5 munchies only if the Royal Milk Tea had a stronger and more distinct tea taste.

The Royal Milk Tea soft serve is only available on Wednesdays at both Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui outlets.


It is a bliss to be able to find high quality Japanese food products in Hong Kong without actually having to travel to Japan. Eating that generous amount of hojicha and matcha cream rolled in spongy cakes itself is already an enjoyment.
But coming from a country that produces decent roll cakes, that price tag seems to be a little hefty and painful to my pocket. *ouch*


You should definitely try this if you like hojicha! The flavour was really strong and I wished I was here on a Wednesday instead because it's the only day of the week hojicha soft serve is available in here.

Via Tokyo sells mainly green tea soft serve and it comes in a variety of toppings. The matcha flavour of this soft serve was really intense, and this makes it a must try for green tea lovers! I also tried their hojicha tea latte and I loved it too! The flavour was also very strong, which goes to show that Via Tokyo doesn't scrimp on the ingredients they put in. If hojicha is your thing then make sure you visit them on Wednesdays because it's the only day of the week hojicha soft serve is available!

Tasted good for the first few mouths, but quite jelat towards the end :/ good to share! Oh gosh. Wonder how many kgs am I gonna gained on this trip man D: