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From the Burpple community

This huge wobbly tower is definitely the dessert to order if you want to impress a date. I chose this partially because I am super duper in love with anything that is salted caramel.

The souffle is incredibly airy and moist, it's really the most interesting and palate-stimulating texture ever. It kind of just melts in your mouth. And I liked that there was a distinct burnt sugar flavor, so the caramel taste shone through. And they coat the ramekin with butter, which becomes a super savory brown butter that pools at the bottom and contrasts the sweetness of the dessert. The salted caramel ice cream enhances that and provides a perfect rich, creamy textural contrast. Really a well executed, technical dessert.


One would not be blamed for wondering why a sandwich would cost $20. But this one is super decadent and took me to Paris in one bite.

First mouthful and the immediate thing I notice is that toasted buttery brioche. It is so crunchy yet just falls apart and melts in the mouth, almost like cake. Its not like any brioche I've ever had, it is so rich and decadent.

Then there's that beautiful steak, which despite its thinness is still perfectly pink in the center, with the sunny side up egg with its rich yolky flavor. Tying everything together is the sweetness of caramelized onion (the classic combination of beef, onion and egg cannot go wrong) and creamy mayo.

Chocolate cake that has a slight crunch, somewhat taste a bit like kit kat with a bitter chocolatey taste
Price: $9.90, seems a bit overpriced for this slice of cake

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Louis XV - $9
Bitter chocolate mousse, praline feuilletine, hazelnut dacqouise. Taste like a mouthful of Ferero, similar to what Patisserie G offers, but not as intense. The chocolate cakes goes very well with a pot of peach tea, which is fragrant and washes down the sweet flavours neatly
Voyage Patisserie

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After a major souffle let-down I still tried one of their cakes that I heard was great
This one is definitely much worth it than the souffle!
The sweetness is just right, the chocolate intensity is great, the pralines, fugde, and all other elements were nicely textured, had nice flavor, and each also had a nice amount so the overall texture balance of the cake was great.

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Had high expectations on this bc heard they have good souffles but maybe my expectations were too high. The souffle wasn’t as fluffy as expected, furthermore, the yuzu was too intense that its acidity will dehydrate your mouth even more, resulting in a very dry souffle
Not very recommended, unless you love super sour stuffs.
Manuka honey sorbet that came with it, although it had nice manuka honey notes, was also too sour in my opinion as to assist the souffle.
Would probably be better if I’ve opted for their cacao souffle!

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