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Some people say “if you been to Taipei but not tried Wu Lao Guo, you haven’t been there” 有點誇張

Elixir Health Pot, better known as “Wu Lao Guo” 無老鍋 is considered one of the best and the most popular steamboat restaurants in Taipei.

The name “Wu Lao Guo” literally translates to “never old pot”, and is built on the philosophy of providing diners with hotpots brimming with health and beauty properties.

The good news is that Wu Lao Guo offers a twin “ying-yang” hot pot which means that you can try two of their most popular broths.

The two signature broths are the Layered Tofu (NT$129 per person, SGD5.90) cooked with chicken bone and large pork bone, simmered with more than a dozen Chinese spices and herbs; the other is the Spicy Wulao (NT139 per person, SGD6.30) with Chinese spices cooked for eight hours then added with fresh chicken broth.

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麵包豆腐白汤鍋 Layered Tofu Hotpot
無老辣香鍋 Spicy Wulao Hotpot
》NT$149 per pax + NT$180 per table (twin-side hotpot)

Like Haidilao and Beauty in a pot here, your chances of getting a walk-in table at Elixer are close to zero.

There’s only two types of broth, Mala and Soy. And trust me you wanna get both. Elixir prides itself on making soul comforting food. So you get none of that gut wrenching heat that mala is commonly associated with but a broth that’s super drinkable and addictive. The pork and chicken mala base came with potpourri of star anise, bay leaves, licorice, cayenne pepper, white sesame and wolfberry amongst others. The Tofu soup was invigorating thanks to a hodgepodge of fresh ginseng, nutmeg, jujube, burdock, pearl barley, oat, dangshen root, lotus seed, tsaoko. And while herbal soups are sometimes lost on me, this was sublime on a winter’s night, especially with the endless refill of complementary fried beancurd and pigs blood.

Service is impeccable here. At the end of every fulfilled requests, the waitresses bowed a full 90 degrees and at the end they told us if we would like to take the rest of the food away, they’d refill the broth with the original ingredients at no additional cost.

Amazing. #gastrologyintaipei

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Hoping some day they will come to Singapore! ~ Ice Cream Tofu Hotpot 👅💦

This place probably offers one of the best service. Each staff who attends to your table must leave with a 90degree bow everytime. Can't imagine their backaching.

They are famous for their elixir beauty soup which boils from chicken and pork bone with huge ginseng and duck blood with other herbs to bring that superb taste. I drank many bowls of the soup without feeling thirsty or sick of it. The soup is said to improve your health. The beef, scallop paste and assorted dumplings are recommended.
This place is more pocket friendly than the ones in sg. Total damage is about $90.

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