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Singapore 537643

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11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm


11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

And now, we end @wadodining set meal on a high, sweet note. The pedestrian sounding chocolate tart is probably the most outstanding dessert item with just how stupefyingly stellar it is. And that’s already taking into account the fact that one of its listed elements was missing from the dish.⠀

As mentioned before, Wado only had chocolate ice cream on the night of my visit, which makes this dessert a chocoholics wet dream. It looks like any average tart on the outside, but wait! Cut into it, and a warm, runny chocolate concoction cascades out of the breach and onto the plate. Forget lava cakes, they ain’t got anything on the flow that this choccy tart has.⠀

The melted chocolatey goodness is subtly sweet, being just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth while being countered by the mild roasty bitterness of a delicious dark chocolate. The tart crust itself is brilliantly buttery & charmingly crumbly, acting as the deeply fulfilling component in the chocolate tart. ⠀

As mentioned before, the missing element is a berry compote. It wasn’t until I reread the menu that I realised that the compote was missing, but the raspberry & strawberries provided the sharp, sour edge to check the tart’s chocolatey sweetness. Still, if the menu declares that there’s gonna be a berry compote, you should probably include a berry compote in the dish.⠀

The desserts are most definitely @wadodining forte, and both desserts were certainly carrying the set menu to sweet, sweet victory royale.

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@wadodining ran out of strawberry ice cream the night I visited, so I ended up with a chocolate ice cream Eton mess. Not particularly traditional, but my chocoholic self was pretty pleased by this turn of events.⠀

Other than the chocolate ice cream, it’s a fairly traditional Eton mess. The smashed up, multicoloured meringue bits added a vitally important crisp & crumbly texture to the overall softness of the dessert. The chocolate ice cream is a decent, albeit unremarkable store bought one that goes well with the whipped cream.⠀

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Eton mess without some berries. A couple of blueberries and a few slices of strawberry add a nice, fruity sweet & sour taste to the dessert, giving it some much needed complexity.

At $32 for a four course dinner with a sizeable salmon fillet as your main, @wadodining set menus are pretty sterling value. Each and every course is quite generously portioned, ensuring that patrons waddle away sufficiently sated.⠀

The salmon, despite being under seasoned, was exceptionally well cooked. My father ordered it medium, and it arrived just so. Stunningly seared on the outside, while the internals remained moist and fantastically flaky. The skin was thoroughly de-scaled & was fried to an acceptable level of crispness, and the reverse side of the thick fillet sported a scintillating sear. I’ve already reviewed the coleslaw & mashed potatoes on the side, and the quality was constant over the different mains.⠀

With the salmon, I didn’t mind the lack of saltiness as much as I did with the lamb. That’s mainly due to the thick tomato basil purée that the salmon is perched upon, which gives the salmon a fragrant, herby aroma as well as a nuanced sweet & sour taste. Of course, more salt would’ve been excellent, but oh well.

And now, we finally get to the meat of the matter with @wadodining grilled lamb. The price of either a three or four course meal is primarily determined by your choice of main, and a 4 course dinner with a main of grilled lamb is $38 before an additional ten percent service charge is added on.⠀

For my lamb in particular, it was a curious tale of two lamb chops. The first that I cut into was just the right side of medium rare, as you can quite vividly see in the picture, and the second one was ten seconds away from well done. Needless to say, I vastly preferred the first chop for it’s sumptuous succulence, tremendous tenderness, and joyful juiciness.⠀

As with the rest of Wado Dining’s savoury dishes, the lamb was under seasoned. Which makes it even more remarkable as the natural gaminess of the lamb was mostly muted, instead possessing a clean, meaty quality to it. A little more salt, and a little more consistency, and these lamb chops would’ve been sublime.⠀

The coleslaw was tricky to eat, as some cabbage leaves weren’t cut down to a manageable size and were effectively about half of a leaf. The mashed potato was a satisfyingly smooth purée with a few chunks here and there for a little much appreciated textural variety. The taters were deliciously buttery even though they were crying out for a good salting, and I had absolutely zero trouble polishing it all off.

Like many other newly opened restaurants, @wadodining has a few improvements to make, but I believe that they’ve got amazing potential and I wish that they live long and prosper.

The crab cake is comfortably the more popular appetiser option on @wadodining menu, as expected. Sure, the crabby duo look kinda small & paltry in size, but do bear in mind that you’ve most likely downed a bowl of soup before this, plus you’ve got a full sized main course coming right up. And that’s not to mention dessert. All things considered, the portion size of the crab cakes are adroitly allocated.⠀

As momma always said, it’s what’s inside that counts, right? Well, yes. A creamy concoction of crabmeat cooked in a rich béchamel stuffs the crispy, deep fried casing to the gills. Yep, it’s pretty much a croquette. The crabcakes should’ve been fried for about 30 seconds longer, or in hotter oil. It was a little unappealingly pale on the plate, and one expects a little deeper shade of golden brown on a deep fried croquette.⠀

Like many of the other savoury items on the menu, I found the crab mixture within to be bland, and it was mostly creamy without much flavour. However, unlike the rest of the savouries, I didn’t mind it as much. Why, you ask? Well, the smidge of chili crab mayonnaise applied to the plate was a stroke of sheer inspiration. It’s a great example of how to adeptly infuse well loved local flavours into a western classic without any element feeling out of place.⠀

The chili crab mayo was almost a dead ringer for the chili crab sauces you’d get at an excellent Chinese seafood restaurant, with its brilliantly balanced sweet & savoury essences, and a slight but noticable sour tone at the back. Boosted by the creaminess of the mayonnaise base, this is a uniquely umami sauce. Shame there wasn’t quite enough of it, but what you do get is rather redolent.⠀

Despite the improvements that could be made, there’s no crab involved when I say that these crab-tivating crabcakes are decently claw-some in their own right.

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Bread is always good, and it’s at its prime when paired with stellar, salty serrano ham like how @wadodining did it with their bruschetta. For a little acidity, there’s a decent dollop of tomato paste on the bread, which adds a tasteful tanginess to this appetiser.

As with the bread that was served with the soups, the bruschetta was inadequately toasted. The tomato paste quickly soaks into the bread, which makes it go unappealingly soggy real quick. It seems to be a recurring theme with Wado: their dishes are acceptable, and their set menu is very attractively priced, but there are quite a few improvements to be made to each dish if they wish to live long & prosper.