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[CLOSED] Watami (ION Orchard)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *


From the Burpple community

Had a group outing to watami casual dining & as I have eaten here many times, I know that the standard of the food is not bad. Tried their beef rice bowl set which came with the main dish, a miserable small bowl of cold tofu, chawanmushi & miso soup. I also topped up $1 for the yuzu soda. The beef rice bowl was good & it was not as dry as I expected it to be due to the sauce at the bottom of the bowl. The beef slices were thin & also very delicious. There wasn't enough egg yolk (not that I am one to like egg yolks) but I felt that egg yolks play a big part in rice bowls. Overall good rice bowl! However, the chawanmushi was pretty bad. Tasted almost like the Chinese tze char steamed egg but probably with lesser flavoring. Mushrooms and fish cake in the chawanmushi didn't help to make the egg any better too. It was just too bland. Would order this rice bowl again but without the set!


Hire Katsu Don Lunch Set - The rice bowl makes use of Japanese short grain rice and is topped with onion sweet sauce, breaded fried pork cutlet and scrambled egg sauce.

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This is da bomb! Ordering this dish not expecting much but I was so impressed by the quality of its mentaiko sauce, the mayo is not too overpowering and the taste of the mentaiko is rich and fragrant! So worth the $5.90 πŸ˜‹


Watami's lunch sets that I have tried thus far are all yummy and value for money. So what's for lunch then? Tokyo Gyudon - Thinly sliced beef, topped with a runny hot spring egg and sweet sauce!


$19.80, comes with salad and drink. Not a very huge portion though


Love the sauce they add onto the lettuce. Who can resist sesame + jap mayo? Thick pork loin with crispy breaded crust. Although this can't compare to any I've had in Japan, it can suffice I guess.