Lot 1.0.50, Pearl Point Shopping Mall
Kuala Lumpur 58000

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11:30am - 10:30pm

11:30am - 10:30pm

11:30am - 10:30pm

11:30am - 10:30pm

11:30am - 10:30pm

11:30am - 10:30pm

11:30am - 10:30pm

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From the Burpple community

A little dry and thin

I was looking to try out a new place for pork burger and found out that this cafe serves them! Got a shock of my life when the burger was priced at RM25. From that point on I prayed that it would taste fantastic and that the portion would be a decent size. Taste wise it was alright, nothing amazing but portion size, it was so small, i was still starving after 😭. We also ordered an aglio olio + roast pork, bear in mind that you have to pay an additional RM6 FOR ONE SLICE OF ROAST PORK and the skin wasn't even crackly crispy. Their latte was alright and was probably the best tasting item there😂. Total damage done was about RM68 for a burger, pasta and a coffee. You've been warned.


Famous for their roast pork, we decided to give this a try. Braved the weekend traffic and parking shortage at Sri Petaling, but its worth it. With the crackling sound from the skin at each bite and juicy tender meat that goes well with apple sauce, this meal certainly sets your taste buds dancing! No wonder its the highlight of this cafe :)
Wished that the portion could be a tad more, but its still worth it at RM25.
Plus, the cozy inviting ambiance with smooth jazzy tunes in the background makes you smile even more. Happy taste buds and a happy smile - will be back again!


In a small area known as Sri Petaling, you would now see a stretch of shops hosting the likes of inside scoop, coffea coffee and many more but there is a hidden shop that is opposite of the shire cafe which home to a pork frenzy menu called the Wayne's cafe! Have been eyeing on this place for sometime after drooling over their pork infested Instagram feed.. Really excited to try out their famous dish which is the Roast pork which is the talk of the town and the proof is in the pudding! The service was really attentive and speedy considering it was quiet.. The roast pork sashay to the table looking as beautiful and glistening to our eyes with that perfect proportions of fat, meat and that crackling ratio! The pork it's self is really juicy and moist and it was cooked to perfection and not forgetting that oh so good crispy pork crackling which just makes wonderful music to your ears that just give you chills down your spine and orgasm when you're eating it!! Really good with that apple chutney and the sauce is light yet seasoned well.. A must try dish!


Nestled in residential Sri Petaling, this neighbourhood eatery is named after the owners' toddler. The homey ambience is best suited for intimate, porky dinners with a couple of close friends or family. Head straight for the Signature Roast Pork (RM27.50) — four slices of crispy roast pork served with an apple brown sauce. Those who can't part with their rice can opt for the carb-friendly alternative — Fried Rice with Roast Pork (RM18), which switches out two slices of roast pork for a full portion of flavour-packed fried rice.
Avg Price: RM30