[CLOSED] Wee Lou Let's Go Hotpot

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Food is delicious, value for money and very fresh!🙂 With burpple, you can get 1-for-1 set meal and a complimentary plate of meat. A plate of 6 prawns costs only $4! The corn was also very sweet so we ordered an additional serving! We ordered the Superior Pork soup, which was homemade and very tasty. They also offered 2 types of chilli which were all homemade as well. It felt like we were eating at home and the ambience was comfortable for a gathering with friends 😊

NOTE: Not sure why many reviews said that soup base costed $3.80 but there is actually no extra charge and it's part of the meal (see receipt). The staff promptly refilled our soup as well!

Highly recommend! If I worked nearby I would go for lunch as well 😁


1-1 deal. $10.80 for a beef set. $3.80 for a soup base, so that makes it 2, which is not included in the set nor the 1-1 deal (pretty ex for a small pot of soup). All the meat, pork ball n the dumplings are frozen! The fish is super hard after it was cooked,!! Soup base is not fantastic with that price paid. Total dmg: $20.
Not coming back again, N I Wil definitely not recommending anyone here.
Ps: a set consists of 4 piece of beef, 4 pork ball, 2 fish dumpling and a handful of veg. So If u are a big eater, is, definitely not for u!!!

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The food was fresh, the soups tasted yummy ❤️ with the 1-for-1 burpple app, it was extremely value for money.
Also, The Teal coloured store front is eye catching and adds a pop of colour to any post.


With Burpple 1-for-1 we managed to order two value sets for the price of one! We got their Abundance beef set (13.80) and their Prosperity Pork set (9.90). We got one Tom yum soup base (tangy w a little spice) and one superior pork soup base (could use a little bit more salt but it was sweet and light) (do note that it costs 3.80 extra per soup base). The meat was Super trendy and their corn slices were buttered! The meal was affordable & satisfying. We will be back!


Got these for $13.70 ($9.90 for prosperity pork set and added $3.80 for soup base). The Beyond 1 for 1 only applies to the sets which don't come with the soup base. We ordered the superior pork soup but it didnt taste like one, more like red date soup and blend. Disappointed, will not come again.