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Reviews at Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe

Reviews of good food at Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe
Matcha white chocolate brownie [$5.50] A special item that's only available on 11th July, I was lucky enough to lay my hands on this as it was sold out within the day!

😨 Thanks @welldressedsaladbarsg for the special reservation! No regrets travelling all the way for this brownie which was fudgy, dense and sufficiently moist πŸ’š. The green tea flavour was distinctive with a lingering jasmine-alike floral fragrance. Coupled with a pleasant tinge of sweetness of white chocolate and dark chocolate drizzles, I would personally recommend consuming this warm(instead of chilled as recommended by the staff) for a more distinctive and prominent matcha flavour, as well as a softer and more fluffy texture. Pair it with the vegan ice creams offered (a pity matcha was sold out on my visit 😭) for a perfect hot-and-cold combination πŸ’š What's more, u get to enjoy $1 off every cake + ice cream combo! πŸ˜‰ .
#burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice

French Vanilla Rose and Matcha Cake

I had the Vanilla Rose cake [$4.00] while my friend got the latter [$3.50]. Cakes were pretty dense, not my type, however my friend enjoyed denser cakes. Matcha cake was earthy, not so sweet while the Vanilla Rose cake was on the sweeter side. The two flavours were rather contrasting. The cakes reminded me of more traditional cakes sold in bakeries.
-Vegan Cakes
πŸ˜‹ 4/10
πŸ’Έ 6/10

Hawt Dog Sandwich

Vegan "Hot Dog" [$7.00] were very similar to hot dogs. They were more crisp on the exterior.
The Hawt Dog Sandwich comes with 2 choices of bread; Ciabatta or Panini. (it might depend on what they had to offer that day)
I chose the Ciabatta while my friend had the latter. Both our bread were over toasted, really hard. Taste wise, it's not bad, texture wise, mm not really. The roof of our mouth were hurting after the meal from the hard bread.

πŸ˜‹ 5/10
πŸ’Έ 6/10

Chai Tea Latte Crumble Cake

A vegan store that i have always wanted to go but the lack of time stops me. I bought chai latte crumble cake ($4.50?) And lychee rose cake ($7.50), i really like the cream of it, tastes different in a healthy way, the cake texture is a bit dense imo. Its vegan and good, and i will come back again to try other stuff! The customer service was great too, they changed the packaging cos it was too small and made sure that my cake does not get squashed!


Sticky Date Toffee Pudding

Couldn't keep my eyes off this sticky date pudding, plus the lady-boss, Zenna was so friendly and coaxed me to try it since it was a daily special and probably wouldn't be back in sometime. This was so moist and fluffy I died a little inside. Though I would prefer if it had those lovely medjool date pieces inside of it, this has got to be the cheapest (though also the smallest) sticky date pudding I've ever eaten. It was perfect to just wipe down by myself and not feel guilty at all since it's (relatively) lighter than your regular sticky date pudding. Zenna even asked if I wanted more toffee sauce 🀀

Black Sesame Rustic Vegan Cake

This is the perfect treat for the days I want something lighter to eat, but I still need cake. The cakes here are so light and fluffy, and the flavour profile is so strong! The black sesame taste was very fragrant and the icing at the top was a perfect compliment. The pistachios were a little soggy though, but I felt like the perfectly done cake was just so good I had no complaints. You can't tell the difference between this and a non vegan cake at all, I promise! Really goes to show how cakes don't need animal products to taste good.

Brilliant Brownies!

Who says vegans only eat vegetables? Hop on down to Well dressed for absolutely mindblowing vegan desserts like cakes, and in this case, a warm peanut butter brownie with rich cookie dough ice cream. Believe it or not, it's all dairy and egg free! Not too sweet and the fudgiest brownie that I'd ever tasted. I couldn't contain my excitement when I dug into this!

Hearty Vegan Fare

Well dressed doesn't just serve salads! It has an incredibly satisfying Veganlicious Brunch dish that consists of waffled toast, perfectly ripe avocadoes, tofu feta cheese (which tastes very realistic), vegan hotdogs and fresh portobello mushrooms. Who says vegan food is limp?

Always my no 1 choice for vegan cakes!

This salted toffee date brownie is definitely better than any other brownie (non-vegan) that u can find elsewhere. Fudge-y and Chocolaty, you'll be energized by the blast of flavour on eat bite. The sweetness of the dates adds a refreshing twist to the usually "dead" kind of sugary flavour (ζ­»η”œοΌ‰and makes it less jerlat. The salted toffee sauce adds a whole new dimension of texture and flavour to make each mouthful an adventure. β€’
Thanks @welldressedsaladbarsg for making such delicious cakes!

Popped by @welldressedsaladbarsg yesterday as I wanted to introduce my frens @imguohao and @jiechouu to vegan cakes!

We were treated to this slice of apricot and maple cake! Fluffy, light, fragrant and filled with a fruity punch, each bite was a pleasure w/ the mellow sweetness of the maple syrup slowly spreading across the palate. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Who says vegan food is boring?!

Went down to buy these lovely treats from @welldressedsaladbarsg !

Thanks for making these delicious vegan cakes that my granny can enjoy! Love them so much! 😘😘

Tea break with some vegetarian bak kwa.

This is my first time trying it and it is a rather interesting experience. Loving the smokiness. Bet it tastes great with vegetarian bee hoon. Have you tried any vegetarian bak kwa before? What is your take on it?
Thank you @zennadu for the love 😘😘😘

Topped with coriander and ginger, this bowl of Carrot Soup is part of the Cafe Week menu from Well Dressed Salad Bar and Cafe.

A refreshing appetizer that cleanses your palate before the mains, it is made from a light carrot blended mix that's easy to drink and sets the tone right for the next course.

Cafe Week will be held from 10-13 Dec and 17-20 Dec, and you can make your reservations now at

Address: 280/282 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058831
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What better way to end a meal than to have some desserts?

One of the participants for this year's Cafe Week, Well Dressed Salad Bar and Cafe, will be introducing their Raw Chocolate Molten Lava Cake and Raw Carrot Cake, and cafe-goers will get to choose either one of them when you opt for the Cafe Week Menu.

Why "raw" you might ask? Well, it's the preparation process of not cooking any of the ingredients in direct fire so as not to lose any nutrients. Their version of lava cake is very different from others as the cake has a stickier consistency and topped with wolfberries. As for the carrot cake, chopped carrots were used to make the base before a light frosting was layered for the added sweetness.

Cafe Week will be held from 10-13 Dec and 17-20 Dec and reservations are opened to public from 10 Nov onwards via

Address: 280/282 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058831
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[Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe] In anticipation of Cafe Week, which will be held from 10-13 Dec and 17-20 Dec, we got a sneak preview of the new menu from Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe for this occasion.

For this year, the cafe will be introducing an exciting line-up of items that incorporates modern fusion into vegetarian cuisine.

The menu starts off with a refreshing bowl of Carrot Soup to cleanse your palate before moving into the main course of a Deconstructed Satay Burger, consisting of rice cakes, homemade achar, vegan chicken patty, satay sauce and tempeh skewers. The skewers are a good play to the normal meat satay while the rice cakes act as the ketupat or burger buns. The fragrance and nuttiness from the satay sauce brings the several elements together. To end off your meal on a sweet note, you get to select either the Raw Chocolate Molten Lava Cake or Raw Carrot Cake.

Reservations will be opening soon and can be made via

Address: 280/282 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058831
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