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From the Burpple community

Total damage is 140RM which i find it very cheap.
-2 salted egg crab about 850g total not bad using alot of the yolk part to cook with it. Is nice and pretty sinful the meat itself didnt overcook it. I personally think that if using srinlaka crab it might be much high rating but no choice the size of crab is really small. I would rate at 7/10. But the very first bite have a long jang smell but only that particular part. The rest didnt taste it. 2 crab at 88RM.

-chilli lala the sauce is very good! Tasty thick sauce the lala didnt overcook goes very well with it. Fresh. 8/10

-cerel prawn in my opinion able to eat the shell together with the prawn and the cerel but i think the shell wasnt too cripsy to chew it as it is. But the frangrance of it is still good. The prawn is a sea prawn type, in singapore nowadays our prawn is grow in a pond type it doesnt have the sea taste itself. I personally rate at 6.5/10

-stir fry potato leave is good! One of the good veg we taste and cooked. But we do find the portion is quite small for the small. Lol.. over all i rate at 7/10.

Overall i am satisfied with my food. I didnt expect to find nice food in such a remote area as port dickson . So not a bad night to end with