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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Tasty, wholesome seafood and fish dishes that won’t break your bank and makes you go β€œWhathefish! Gimme more!”

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The fish was fresh and clean tasting, and grilled to a nice golden brown crust with soft steamy insides (see pic 4). The laska paste spaghetti was awesome: It could well have tasted odd with pasta, but it didn't. The light and creamy sauce (easy on laksa leaves, easy on the sambal) went well with the pasta and the seafood, and was delicately balanced so that the dish was tasty as a pasta should be, not overwhelmingly rich in deep local flavours, or overly lemak (in the coconut sense) or too spicy. Any of these oversights would have turned it into a bowl of laksa instead. Naw... Twas like a cat's meow. Purrfect! And yeah, the onsen egg was just thrown in for good measure!

This 'blondie' was indeed everything a brownie should be: warm, nutty, crusty, crunchy, soft to the bite. Except that it tasted of fragrant honey (yup, not vanilla, honey) rather than chocolate.

I still remember my first visit was when they are still in Tanjong Pagar. Since then, they have moved to this location at Jurong East.

A walking distance from the MRT Station, it was empty when I visited during the weekend evening.

For their grilled seabass, you can choose your choice of sauce with either lemon thyme butter or soy glaze. You also can request to add egg.

It seems Whathefish has recently moved from its former location to the new Vision Exchange building at Jurong East. This is awesome news for people who stay in the west like me! Being my first time there, I decided to order the classic cod fish & chips, plus an upgrade for truffle fries.

When my order came, I was delighted to be hit with that familiar truffle fragrance. The fries though average, were crispy and fully coated with the delicious goodness. As for the star of the dish, the fish was fresh and retained the right level of tender-firm texture. Crispy, thin batter on the outside paired with delicate cod and some creamy tartar sauce, it was a very enjoyable meal! The dish was also served with a side of salad tossed in tangy balsamic vinegar dressing to help refresh your palate. The only thing I would say was missing was a wedge of lemon for that extra zest. But for generous portions at $10.50 with no additional GST and service charge, it is definitely value for money that will make me come back for more! Another good thing is that the place also comes with air conditioning.

You really have to be here early to avoid disappointment; as they sell limited portion to ensure you get the freshest fish. This was my second visit as the first visit was unsuccessfully, and I was the last customer they served (Luckily).

Well I personally enjoy much of their salmon, which was really crispy. Would come back to try the rest.

I've been eyeing this place for ages since it appeared on several food blogs! πŸ˜† But I was disappointed! Salmon was sadly way overcooked to the point of it being hard! The mentaiko made up for it though! Think the highlight of this dish is the homemade mashed potato with gravy... Surprisingly tasted really satisfying πŸ˜‹ The aglio olio was average and nothing to write home about.

Would I be back? Well, I want to try the cod with white wine and truffle oil! Too bad it was sold out today. But I wouldn't get this dish again... The mentaiko cod and chips wasn't too bad but the fries really cannot make it sia. Has an identity crisis since it doesn't know whether to be seasoned with paprika or drizzled with truffle oil... πŸ˜‚

The day was made better by buying cake from Chef Yamashita afterwards and eating it during meeting! πŸ˜› #Burpple