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Wheat Baumkuchen ([email protected])

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Reasonably priced, healthy and delicious soba, red rice, and Design Your Own Bowls (DYOB). This is Wheat’s 7th outlet in Singapore but its very FIRST in town! We hope to delight our Orchard & Somerset customers with our quality food and friendly service.


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Pleasantly surprised with the portion of salmon, which was fresh and tasty with the spicy mentaiko. With the chicken it made for a wholesome bowl. Yuzu had run out by 7pm.

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Aburi mentaiko salmon was delicious. Surprised to find teriyaki chicken in the bowl as well. For the base, there is a choice of rice, vegetables or soba. Came with a drink - Yuzu seems like it always runs out though. Overall, very generous portions and value for money!

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Pretty pricey without the 1-for-1. Set comes with soba, chicken, mentaiko salmon, avocado, egg, some salad and a drink (either coke or mineral water). It was tasty and fresh, while the salad sauce was refreshing. Chicken was juicy and they were generous with the portions.

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Ordered their standard bowl with chicken and salmon. Comes with wheat noodles.

The food was saucy, almost like a pasta. I had this for the first time and was delighted.

The chicken and salmon was in abundance and with beyond 1 for 1 offer, it was superb value for money.

I wish there were more drink options but no complaints really.

I highly recommend this place 💯

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WHEAT is always so generous with their toppings! In this bowl, there is teriyaki chicken, salmon sashimi (supposed to be mentaiko but they ran out of sauce), avocado and onsen egg. You can choose soba, rice or lettuce as your base. This is definitely one that will fill you up! The iced yuzu drink was refreshing and not too sweet too. Paid $23.90 for everything!


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1️⃣ Design Your Own Bowl All sizes come with 1 carb and 4 toppings.⁣
• Regular, 1 protein, $12⁣
• Medium, 2 proteins, $14 (in photo)⁣
• No Meat, 0 protein, $10⁣

2️⃣ Salmon Soba (Chef’s Design, $10): comes w grilled salmon, soba, mushrooms, salad 🥗

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