More Reviews at Wheeler's Estate

More Reviews of good food at Wheeler's Estate

The grilled octopus was quite well done, tender yet smoky and flavorful. Good!!

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The avocado toast was glazed with balsamic, dehydrated tomato and topped with parched egg, a lot healthier choice as compared to the rest of the meal.

Juicy and moist roasted chicken in ladyboy dressing, think it’s good since we managed to finish it and I didn’t touch it.

Pizza crust is light crisp at the edge & fluffy inside; right level of thickness; taste flavorful with light truffle taste; lots of cheese but surprisingly not surfeiting & makes me craving for more; would be better if topped with more mushroom; 1 of the better pizza I've eaten so far..

2 long BBQ pork sausages that taste good but very salty; with 4 thin slices of bacon that are quite dry & lightly crisp, no porky stench but quite salty & thick layer of fats (not to my liking); hashbrown is deep-fry to crispy outside & soft inside, taste normal; with a slice of fluffy ciabatta & opted for 2 poached egg; decent & nothing special..

Serve in soft taco; fried fish fillet is fresh & tender, thinly battered; mixed with fresh greens, tomatoes & strawberry which add refreshing taste; siracha sauce is thick & mildly spicy which complement the dish well without overpowering the fish taste..

Potato hash cake (rosti) is thick & flavorful with herb taste; crispy outside & soft inside, not greasy; topped with 4 thick & big slices of smoked salmon & 1 poached egg with oozing yolk; with fresh crunchy greens & pomegranate; love the citrusy brown sauce that aids in reducing greasiness..

Beautiful location, awesome friendly staff. Cycling friendly, smoker's friendly.
Decor and ambience is super chill. The vibe is perfect. Look at the unbelievable photos.

Only thing that bothered my was lack of showers. I expected a shower as the whole Cafe was very cycle friendly. Wheeler's friendly I mean.

Prices are a little high. A dinner for 2 with drinks could cost you $150++. Reserve for special occasion only.

I had a nitro coffee with ice cream for a whopping $14+. It was nice but not $14 worth. I guess you pay for the vibe.

Also, someone bursted my cycle Tyre while I was enjoying the coffee. Not the restaurant's fault but spoilt my mood. So keep your cycles in view.


A really satisfying rack of lamb! Because of the high fat percentage, go for it if you’re a quality over quantity kind of person. The pesto sauce that went along with it was really flavourful and delicious too.

We also ordered fish and chips and the beef burger which tasted great!

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Came for the Crab Benedict but unfortunately it's for weekends brunch only! Took the 3 course lunch set ($22.80+ top up $22 for the 300g Rib-eye Steak). Soup of the day - Spinach Soup, tasted like regular chinese soup. As the portion was very small, we ordered the Mushroom Soup ($13) as well. Sadly, the mushroom soup was underwhelming, despite the nice aroma. However, the 300 Rib-eye Steak was really delicious, it was tender and juicy and I absolutely love their seasoning! The tiramisu dessert unfortunately wasn't creamy and rich in texture and actually tasted like regular sponge cake. Luckily, the ambience and the views surrounding the place made up for the underwhelming food experience. However, I might come back to try their weekends brunch menu though!!

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Margherita pizza, truffle fries, crispy calamari and fried chicken at such a romantic spot. Pricey but an indulgence!

the place had good ambience and the food was superb. highly recommended will go back again!

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Come with the whole family to Seletar Aerospace Park for brunch in a colonial garden setting — pets will love the wide open spaces! Meat lovers, you'll adore their 120-day grain fed Australian 300g Ribeye ($38) that boasts a lovely woody aroma, and comes with asparagus, tomato confit and mashed potatoes. A great alternative is the hearty Crab Benedict ($24) that sees a generous amount of crab meat piled on buttery croissant. Otherwise, opt for the light yet crisp Fish & Chips ($23) that both kids and parents would enjoy!
Photo by Burppler Khaw Han Chung

I was kinda disappointed by this tbh 😔 for its price, it tasted really underwhelming. the fries weren't crispy enough, nor did it have enough truffle taste infused into it 😕

🌟 rating: 5/10
💰 price: $17 + svc charge/gst

meat was a little tougher than I would have liked, and fell short of that perfect level of tenderness! still, this was made up for by my love for the cucumber salad + citrus dressing as it added a tangy depth of flavor to the dish.

🌟 rating: 7/10
💰 price: $25 + svc charge/gst

Strawberry Milkshake Cake $8.50
It’s your typical strawberry shortcake, nothing extraordinary but comforting dessert
Wheeler’s Estate

Worth every penny, there was good amount of crabmeat layered on top of a buttery croissant.

This set lunch is available from Tues to Fri between 12-3pm. For antipasto we got GARDEN SALAD with cucumber, cherry tomato, carrot, feta cheese, corn and lemon dressing.

Wanted to go for the Italian Buratina for it is not available due to the current climate. Will be back to try when it is available.

For mains, I got Oven-baked Dory fish. Serving wasn't huge so I had room for dessert and coffee!

Crabmeat Benedict was unique, loved that it was runny yolks on sweet crabmeat served on a hot flaky croissant. Feed Me Breakfast was standard big breakfast, but came with huge portions n the huge sausage was juicy and yumzzz 😋😋

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