38 Sultan Gate
#01-01 FOMO
Singapore 198486

03:00pm - 10:00pm

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This affordably priced laksa came with flower clams, mussels, half shell scallop, and a choice of bamboo lobster, prawns or crayfish.
It's a substantial bowl of laksa with enough seafood with nice tau pok to soak up the laksa gravy. My personal preference would be for the gravy to be more savoury, possibly through the use of more hae bee (dried shrimps), but I like that there's lots of coconut milk in this. I'll recommend the bowl with prawns, as there'll be several large prawns that came with it. For $10.80, this is great value.


In all, it cost $83 (inclusive of the rice) for 2-3 pax

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Filled with 2 crabs 🦀 , 15 prawns 🦐 , 500g mussels, 500g clams, served with corn 🌽 , potatoes 🥔 and sausages and your choice for the 2 sides. This is recommended for 4-5 pax. But I feel this is recommended for 3-4 pax instead (because they’re too addictive!). The seafood were fresh and delicious with creamy tom yum. The tom yum sauce was appetising with a hint of spiciness. If you want an extra spicy kick for your seafood, go for the signature chilli kicap sauce. This is something different from the tom yum sauce, you get a tad of sweetness with tons of spiciness 🌶 .
Thanks justinfoodprints for the invite. .
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Mr Wholly Seafood
38 Sultan Gate, FOMO, 198486

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A huge bucket of messy goodness came in a bucket before it was poured over on the table. This is enough to serve 4-5 persons, as it came with 2 crabs, 15 prawns, 500g of mussels, 500g of clams, corn, potatoe, sausages and 2 sides such as cheesy fries, sweet potato fries or fried mantou to mop up the juices.
Seafood was fresh and we enjoyed the creamy tom yum sauce as pictured. I would recommend their signature chilli kicap sauce, which is spicy with a tad of sweetness.
[Hosted by @mrwholly]


Salmon Nasi Lemak ($8.90)
$8.90 seemed like a steal for a plate of nasi lemak served at a hipster coffeeshop, especially when it serves up unusual ingredients such as salmon and baby squid. I was rather skeptical when picking my choice from the option of prawns, baby squid and a salmon fillet for my protein. I picked the most unusual option to give it a shot. The slab of salmon was rather generous and topped with a mildly spicy sambal sauce but if there’s one thing that really bothers me about salmon, it’s about overcooked salmon. @MrWholly ‘s salmon fillet was tough as a new pair of leather shoes and tasted rather dry. The served rice was also not at least lukewarm. The piece of scrambled egg resembled those found int $1.50 nasi lemak packets. The only silver lining in the dish was the abundance of crispy anchovies. For the same price, you would probably get more bang for your buck at the nearby nasi padang eateries.

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Good service but the crab was not fresh. Got the 2-3 pax bucket. Got fries as side and the fries does not have much taste. Overall still an ok experience, can try!

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The seafood bucket craze.
Ordered this for sharing.
Choose the chilli kicap sauce and you won't go wrong.


Fresh, sweet, meaty crab in a tangy sweet sauce with slight chili heat!

A mountain of fresh seafood, coated in a sweet, slightly spicy sauce, more than enough to stuff 3 people!

Fresh, small but plump mussels, sweet savoury in flavour, with tender roasted potatoes, caramelised onions, fragrant garlic, and corn kernels!

A bucket of fresh, savoury sweet clams, along with tender roast potatoes, caramelised onions, fragrant garlic, and corn kernels!

How about heading down to Satay By The Bay and indulge in an al-fresco dining, Louisiana seafood style? Opened by the lovely Felicia Chin, Wholly Crab serves Louisiana style seafood that is cooked and served on the table, all without burning a big hole in your wallet. My recommendation is to go for the Love Bucket ($60) in Laksa sauce. |
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First time trying.. Cooked in different sauce of your choice. I had the curry sauce, served with potato, corn on cob, sausages. Tasty n juicy. Rate: 👍👍

we chose the kong bao sauce based on their recommendation.
honestly it is sucha steal at $60! you probably gotta pay much more at most of the places with similar concepts if u wanna include crab. seafood were fresh, though I found bits of sand in their clams. mussels were pretty tiny and the crab was sweet! though this is good for 2-3 pax, 2 pax can easily finish the portion.
surprisingly, kong bao sauce wasn't too spicy despite the amount of dried chillies. so non-spicy eaters should be able to take this. love it when they added our local tastebuds by having kong bao and laksa sauces!

Located at Satay by the Bay and owned by local artiste Felicia Chin, Wholly Crab is an affordable, casual seafood joint which sells and serves their seafood by the bucket. Customise your preferred fusion of Louisiana-style seafood with popular local flavours such as Kung Pow and Laksa, or go for an interesting twist like Marmite. There are two options — Love Bucket ($60) for 2-3 pax and Wholly Bucket ($120) for 5-6 pax. For add-ons, go for their signature Nori Tempura Soft Shell Crab ($12) for that added crunch!

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