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From the Burpple community

Cheeseburger ($9) and chicken ($4.50) with add on fries ($3)

Loved how the flavours of the burger came together. Patty was grilled to perfection, and there was enough sauce to cover the burger.

Chicken was crispy and juicy (thigh meat given)

Would come back to try the other burgers in future!
Service was also prompt and staffs were friendly.

Act fast as the seasonal burger is down to the last few days, available till 28 February in limited quantity (20 portions) daily for dine-in only!

Loving this over-the-top Uni Ebi Burger ($28) from Wildfire, I enjoyed how everything came together - both taste and texture-wise. Think crunch from the panko-ed patty, the chew from the chunks of sweet sweet prawns hidden within, the creaminess of the uni, the softness of the toasted brioche buns, the savouriness of the squid ink aioli, and the slight tang from the tartar! Though as expected, when eaten together the other elements would kind of overpower the natural sweetness of the Bafun narabi uni. Hence, I would just take big bites off the top half with just the uni, bun, and bits of the hunky patty slathered in the aioli to really get the flavours of the ocean. The bottom half with the shredded lettuce and tartar would then balance out the richness. Overall, the quality was certainly there, the prawns were fresh-tasting and so was the delicate uni.


Wildfire’s seasonal Uni Ebi Burger! Well-toasted brioche buns with a thick and crispy prawn patty (would have liked this juicier but thumbs up to the generous use of whole prawns), tartar, shredded lettuce, generous squid ink aioli and the star of the show - 2 rows of creamy bafun narabi uni that the staff serve fresh out of the uni box on to your burger at your table. Quality was pretty good. Last 6 days to the end of this seasonal burger that they only serve 20 portions a day till 28 Feb.

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Wildfire Burgers has been a nomad in the burger scene. Moving around and finally settling at its current NAFA location. When you’re tired of ground chuck and you want mouthfuls of melt in your mouth slices of beef. This can be your go-to. The shabu sauce isn’t too cloying and the shimeji mushrooms/ onions/ sesame seed combo takes the burger a notch over MOS’ closest offerings. Worth a try.

Their nuggets are good; they are tender, moist and actually taste like chicken unlike some dubious meat likeatmcdonalds. Should get if you like nuggets.

Fries are priced at add-on of $3 if you order a burger or $5 ala carte. Quite pricey but they are nicely seasoned, hot and crispy. I couldn’t stop eating it even though I don’t like shoe string fries usually.

Both worth ordering as sides along with your burger.

Tried it for the first time during Phase 1 re-opening in the post-Circuit Breaker period, and the Shabu Burger has become pretty much my go-to order here ever since (there is probably one occasion that I gave this up for the Eggstarter — another burger which I was actually pretty impressed with).

Some may argue that the Shabu Burger isn’t quite a burger — the lack of an actual patty with the burger being served with beef slices instead; but that’s also the same reason why I liked it for how it’s not as heavy as a typical burger. Featuring elements such as Black Angus Beef Shabu, Yakiniku Sauce, Bunashimeiji Mushroom, Spanish Onion in between Brioche Buns, the Shabu Burger may not be the contender for the burger with the most impressive stature (thick patties and well-decked out components), but this certainly wins big on flavours. I always liked how the buns are light and fluffy; slightly toasted and buttered for a bit of flavour that isn’t too sinful, but compliments the beef slices that is marinated in Yakiniku Sauce so well — a balance of sweet and saltish notes. The sliced beef comes with some Bunshimeiji Mushrooms in the middle — gives a bouncy bite amidst a slight hint of earthiness, while the sliced onions provide a slight zing when one chews on a slice that cuts through the flavour bomb of the burger itself. Wasn’t quite into the fries the previous time I had it, but was told to go for the add-on for they seemed to have improved on them since then; definitely way better being crisp and well-seasoned with paprika and other spices for a distinct note similar to cajun.

Waiting time was a little long on the day of our visit, and that beef slices were kinda stuck into a clump of meat as opposed to what we have had previously; slightly off but not too bothersome — perhaps they are trying to get used to the operations after the renovation considering they had transitioned to table service recently amongst other changes. Still, Wildfire Burgers is a place we always look forward to visiting just for the occasional splurge; the burgers aren’t too pricey anyway to begin with (with most single portion options falling below $15 for the burger alone) — and the Shabu Burger is certainly a unique burger that I would find myself going for again and again ...