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At $7 a slice, the sweetness from the meringue was a good neutralizer to the zesty lemon filling. All in, it is a delicious pie worth eating again.

Haven’t visited this place in years so glad to be able to go down again!✨✨ We ordered the Grand Slam (S$17), Breakfast Waffles (S$16 for full portion) and Smoked Salmon w/ Scrambled Eggs on Toast (S$13)! 🐟 The waffles were perfectly crisp and fluffy, but personally I felt they lacked flavour and sweetness on their own, and needed to be dipped in sauce for them to be tasty! Probably a better match paired with some of their famous ice cream! 🍨 I liked the doneness of the eggs, but felt they were a little bland. The bacon and sausages were pretty average. Also enjoyed the eggs benedict - yummy salmon with bread so good, we even wanted to order slices of bread on its own! 🥖

Honestly, although their prices seem to have went up and their portions seem to have shrunk, BUT the food has still remained so delicious and satisfactory, we didn’t care about whether the prices went up or not. 💁🏻‍♀️ The downside of the place is that it’s quite inaccessible via MRT, so if you don’t stay around the area, you’d probably have to take a bus before taking a short 5 - 10 minute walk inside the estate! 🚶🏻‍♂️

Honey cinnamon and truffle chocolate ice cream waffle with maple syrup

Really need a cafe fix soon

2nd time hitting 400 followers😳 pls remain don't drop🤣 thank you guys😘

Used to be my favourite waffle but somehow feel like it was less fluffy this time :( maybe it was just a bad one because wimbly lu is usually pretty consistent. The salted caramel and the earl grey ice cream were good tho!! But overall it was overpriced, I expected a perfect fluffy waffle for that price

Will give it another shot 😬

I had a beef lasagna followed by a plain waffle with a single scoop of rum and raisin. The lasagna is big enough for two people to share. The cheese, although not stringy, was very savoury and creamy! Of course, the waffle was amazing as well! It was literally the definition of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The contrast between the coolness of the ice cream and the warmth of the waffle was what made it extra mouth watering! There is a certain taste to the waffle that reminds me of New York, and I think it can be deemed as one of the best waffles in Singapore! 💯💕

Total spent: $27 (includes 7% GST and service charge too; but service was amazing! Super friendly)

Decent waffle with truly chocolate ice cream. The waffle is nicely toasted

20 Aug'17, Sun
Rum & raisins ice cream waffle at Wimbly Lu...🍦

Nicely done crispy-moist waffle, crispy on the outside and moist in the inside or is it becos I ate it together with the ice cream, well, nice combi then!🤣

Partner in crime was saying that the ice cream is not on form that day, it's supposed to be smooth gelato but it turned out to be that there's like chunky "ice kacang style ice" in it...not exactly what a gelato shld have...😔

Will give it a second try to see if the standard is consistent...🙊

Damage: $10

Note: do expect to wait for this ulu yet popular waffle place...oh, did I mention there's a red Vespa outside the shop? Very instragram-worthy, can take a few shots while waiting to be seated...

We haven't been here for a long long long time. This is the black out chocolate cake. Quite rich and moist, just as I like it. #burpple

Love the extremely crisp exterior & soft fluffy interior of the waffle that pairs well with the maple/ chocolate sauce & ice cream. Might be better to get 2 scoops of ice cream as 1 scoop was gone way before the waffle 😅
📍@wimblylu, 15-2 Jalan Riang S358987

Throw back to the first time I use Burpple as a guide for dessert hunting. It was a total success. Yummy! 😋

Another awesome treat from Wimbly Lu. This molten lava cake is rich in the chocolate and cake is baked just right. Served piping hot, this is a real indulgence. Perfect for chocolate lovers!

This honey garlic wings was surprisingly good! It's fried till crispy, meat was tender and what I really liked about it was the honey coated garlic seasoning. It makes the wings sweet, and kept luring my tastebuds to go back for more. Perfect for the sweet tooth!

This Shirley's Apple Pie has made me an apple pie convert. I'm usually not a fan of fruits in my food but now I'm gonna always try the different apple pies in different cafes. I like it that this particular one at Wimbly Lu has got the sweetness just right. The tart is slightly crumply which really gives a digestive cookie texture. This goes very well with the apples in the pie. Definitely worth the calories!

Waffles is good with Honey Cinammon. Smoked salmon on toast (salmon has that fishy taste), Mushroom crepe was good though. Tiramisu is okay. Generally, here is really famous for Waffles

Latte - those who love strong coffee might not appreciate the coffee here. Iced Earl Grey is too mild.

note: skipped the truffles fries (no truffle scent/taste), blackout cake was also a disappointment. Too dense & lack of oomph chocolate expectation.

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