[CLOSED] Wimi Ice Cream (321 Clementi)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Wimi Thai Coconut Ice Cream serves a variety of Thai desserts and drinks. It is a dessert kiosk located at 321 Clementi Mall. The ice cream recipe was gained from Bangkok ice cream vendors, to ensure the authenticity of the taste. Wimi’s signature ice cream is served in a coconut husk together with a variety of toppings to choose from.

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comes with 2 scoop of ice cream (i chose original coconut + thai milk tea) and 3 toppings. i love red ruby and u know how some red ruby r mushy on the outside and not crunchy on the inside, THIS IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT MAN it was gud. coconut flesh from of the husk is pre cut for easier consumption wuuhuu


Fresh coconut ice cream made daily with up to 3 toppings and a cup of coconut drink for only $4.90!! #BurppleCheapNGood

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Thick creamy coconut and Thai milk tea ice cream with red ruby, corn and atap seed in a coconut husk, sitting atop a cup of coconut water ($5.20). The weather is just simply too hot 🔥!

$4.90 for double scoop creamy coconut ice cream with 3 toppings. Opted for the stronger version and I'm glad I did, normal would probably be bland. Comes with a cup of coconut water.


Coconut ice cream which comes with a coconut drink at the base as well. $4.90 with 3 normal toppings (additional 0.30 for each premium topping) the coconut texture was very good. An amazing combi of the peanut topping with the ice cream - must try !!! Of coz this is my personal preference only lah another topping would be the yam also


Thai Coconut Ice cream set come with coconut drink. Pleased to have this dessert after a meal. YAY! Don't need to fly to bangkok to eat this coconut. The ice cream seems like mix with milk aside the coconut.