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And not forgetting to try out the nice food at there! This is one of my fav though! This is Coconut jelly mixed with coconut flesh and sorbet topped up with grated coconut! Something you wouldn't want to miss !
Aside from this, I am dying in clementi camp! So shag! So many activities cramped together! Gonna die here.
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Cherry Cheesecake Neh Neh Pop is such an ingenious dessert to bring in for the Wine Fiesta. Creamy, thick cream cheese ice cream dotted with plump cherry bits, coated in white chocolate and biscuit crumbs, the perfect blend of flavours and textures. And, how can cream cheese ever fail you? One thing though, this melts too quickly and I had trouble finishing it without dirtying my hands.


Get your fix of Greek honey donuts (MOREMOREMORE!), khao soi hotdog and cherry cheesecake creamsicles and not to mention unlimited tastings of wine! Some pretty good Brunellos and Amarones to check out at Clifford Pier this weekend.
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[Chouquettes S$8 with either chocolate or lemon curd dip, made specially for this event] + [Pistachio Tart S$8]

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Just enjoying some rosΓ© with my caramelised pork cheek bun and getting into the pink of health. Ahem. I've had at least three glasses of the Vietti Moscato D'asti-Cascinetta 2014 and two packets of Meiji crackers and I want moar.
PS I'm totally new to this whole wine tasting thing, so when I realised they involve carrying around a big glass and asking exotic bushy men to pour expensive alcohol into them, I was like - why haven't I been doing this since my school days? (Cuz you no money? - Reality Ed)


Chef Bjorn's Khao Soi Hotdog (Bird Bird) was a riot of flavours in the mouth and paired so well with the AIX Rose! From the same stall, the Loukoumades ($6, Artichoke) are worth a try too, slicked in a sticky honey sauce that wasn't cloying at all, sprinkled with nicely toasted walnuts.

The divine tarts ($8) from Tarte by Cheryl Koh were not chilled like in the store, but still couldn't resist ordering one! The filling didn't hold its shape as well as it normally does, but obviously tasted just as good! 😍