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05:30pm - 12:00am

05:30pm - 12:00am

05:30pm - 12:00am

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Like a chic LBD (little black dress), this dessert has an understated appearance. But once you take a bite, its true fabulousness surfaces.
On its own, the “Chocolate Terrine” is decadently rich and smooth, but not heavy. With a little nudge from the kelp oil drizzled over, it seems to glide over the tastebuds.
If you are looking for a pleasurable ending to your meal here, this should more than qualify.


Wa this potato is damn good potato. Cooked once (boiled?), then smashed flat and fried. Crispy potato heaven, the skin sibei shiok.

Every time I put RVLT to the test (it means I take new friends there), they have passed with flying colours. Last night was no exception.
It was the second stop of the evening for my friend Jayne and I (after #dinerenblancsg) and we made a light meal of a couple of sharing plates and two very pleasant wines by the glass. She had actually been wanting to check this place out for a very long time, so it’s wonderful to know she can’t wait to return. I am very sure this dish of raw radishes, oyster emulsion and seaweed dust had a lot to do with that.
The mad genius that I consider Chef Manel Valero to be, paired baby radishes (so delicately sweet as opposed to peppery) with an emulsion that captured only the pleasant characteristics of an oyster (think creamy brine) and none of the rest (think cold metallic), then finished it off with savoury green seaweed dust. That juxtaposition of the refreshing with the umami is to-die-for. And as Jayne discovered, unbelievably exquisite when chased with a sip of cold Sancerre.


Unassuming plate of “ham”... that’s what it looked like. Undoubtedly one of the best ham i’ve had in town, made of duck. Fragrance was overpowering (in a good way), tasted like a crossover of aged iberico jamon X roast duck 🤤

$: i think it’s around 16


I organised a little get-together with a few friends for dinner and drinks at RVLT last night. Apart from my must-haves of duck prosciutto, spring onions tempura and burrata with anchovies and salted almonds, we decided to order a few of Chef Manel Valero’s new items as well. This salad was one of them. Once again, his flair for unconventional combinations of ingredients was evident.
Perky and tasty, the salad had shiitake mushrooms, juicy quarters of persimmon, julienned melon and apple, as well as crisp mizuna leaves tossed in a Japanese-style of wafu dressing. It was very well received by all of us.
I highly recommend getting this to share as its light and refreshing flavour provides an excellent contrast to the richer dishes here.


Full bodied cured sardines in olive oil gives you a high, like a good piece of sashimi, a foie gras tarrine and a D24 durian - so domineering, almost intoxicatingly... so good you could shout!

Not sure how this combination can come together so amazingly. The picture doesn't do the dish justice, but that's the best I could do under the circumstances of great wine, comfy lights and good company.


However, when these arrived, we are glad we listened to her. These fabas, kefir and mint toasties may sound odd but they were really delicious! Will definitely order them again!


This was surprisingly good. I normally don’t enjoy Uni unless it’s served by a sushiya as they can be tricky if you don’t get them really fresh. Here, it was yummy.

This was pretty interesting but it felt a little out of place. More Thai than Spanish


Pretty yummy but didn’t have the wow factor. Maybe I am biased in that I like my prawns tapas done in other ways.


One of my fav of the evening. Highly addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you


Such a lovely hue of red and yummy with the focaccia


Head Chef Manel Valero shared that he had perfected the recipe for this Butifarra with the help of his friend in Spain whose family has been in the sausage-making business since 1890.
Produced in-house fresh every day, the thick sausage is composed of slightly loose, coarsely-chopped meat that’s very tastily seasoned without being too salty. I could have happily eaten the Butifarra on its own but thoughtfully plated with it were pickled vegetables and a garlicky allioli that I couldn’t say no to either.
My recommendation is to get this to share as it is quite big. Plus you should aim to try more dishes when you are here because I think Chef Manel is really good with flavours.


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