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Pure sweetness from the sea that didn’t need anything more than being simply grilled. I even left the wedge of lemon untouched. And that’s something that never happens.

Bullseye flavour on a plate. The spring onion, a garnish usually overlooked, is given prime time prominence following a crunchy salt-vinegar tempura makeover. In the midst of chomping on it, I detected a shy sweetness as well. So good.

Because we all should eat more vegetables and potatoes count as one, we got the “Grenaille Potato Tostones” 😁
Twice fried, the skin of the slightly flattened small tubers was deliciously crisp. Covered in saliva-triggering sea salt, the highly addictive bites were a hit with everyone around the table. Even more so with a long, deep swipe through the “Idiazabal”, a light espuma infusion of smoked cheese.

Uni pasta dishes seem to be a thing these days but I notice many of them tend to have the uni simply slapped on without much thought given to the overall taste profile of the dish.
Chef and Co-owner Manel Valero on the other hand, believes the heavy lifting shouldn’t be left to the sea urchin. Which is why he cooks his tagliatelle in a very shiok sauce of calabrese peppers that‘s further elevated when the uni is mixed in. Logic dictates that the strong flavours of the sauce would drown it out but the truth is contrary. The very capable uni introduces a creamy oceanic facet to the garlicky spiciness. Resulting in a fresh, elegantly bold and delicious pasta dish that is markedly different.

Not your usual suspects but the salty anchovies and crunchy whole almonds proved worthy companions for the voluptuous creaminess of the burrata cheese.
Portion is reasonably big as well. Depending on how many other items are ordered and how hungry each person is, this can be comfortably shared between 2 to 4 individuals.

This is what I refer to as an “eye-widener”. Had it two nights in a row (yes, I returned to Wine RVLT this evening with another group) and it‘s still a revelation.
There is something about Chef Manel Valero’s toasties with housemade kefir (a creamy probiotic), fabas (a fresh green bean confit), pickled fennel flowers and julienned mint leaves that remind me of “Nasi Ulam”. It must be due to the similar pleasant herbal dimension they both have.
I highly recommend getting this if you are like me and love complex flavours.

When this platter arrived, the OCD in me was happy but the glutton was happier. These beautiful, flimsy slices of house-cured duck prosciutto were to-die-for.
Crammed with flavour though leaning towards the salty, I found them to be perfect with a full-bodied red wine.

Indescribable delicacy. The tartare is intentionally not overly granular to keep the texture of the meat.

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