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五拼 5 combo: 牛腩 Beef brisket 牛筋 Beef tendon 蘿蔔 Raddish 墨魚丸 Squid ball 雲吞 Wanton. Go full on for the maximum ingredients in this iconic HK Street noodle. The options for ingredients are beyond boundaries: think chicken wing, soy cake, sausages, pork skin, pork shoulder, cuttlefish... the list runs on. Served in a piping hot bowl of soy braised broth and noodles.

Don't ask me the origins of this but it must have been a long originated street food that stood the test of time. There is wide range of ingredients from fried chicken wings, wanton to pig's blood jelly or pork fat, or HKee's favourite sausage (or hot dog) to go with the bowl of noodles of your choice. You will be amazed with what this big bowl of goodness can offer and the limit is your imagination! I go with good old traditional ingredients like radish, pork skin, chive wanton and cuttlefish ball. Water spinach / Morning glory comes complimentary in the rich broth which can be adjusted for level of spiciness. It taste almost like the 奇味鸡煲 (weird taste chicken pot) which is our local favourite these days. Although the eatery is always crowded such that you'll need to be cramped into sharing a table with 4/5 others, I love to immerse in this and feel the HK way of life!


Ingredients include: beef belly, beef beef brisket, pork skin, cuttlefish ball, spinach, raddish, yellow noodle. 牛腩、牛筋、豬皮、墨魚丸、莧菜、白蘿蔔、油麵。

This cart noodles is very similar like our yong tau foo. You choose your ingredients & noodles, which means every single bowl can taste very different! My favorite toppings were the beef brisket (IMO it was the most worth it ingredient too!) as it was braised till soft and the pork intestines!! It was fatty and chewy. The skin looked a bit like brains but I love it!! Be careful of the chilli on the table as it tasted oddly bitter to me.

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Amazing. Velvety, robust and satisfying