776 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198744

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11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm


11:30am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Their approach is quite simple: they want you to fork over your money for a main course that not only costs an arm and a leg, but also manages to taste worse than the $9 Western fare available at the food courts. The food quality here is so abysmal, bland and disgusting, that it makes the food court offerings seem gourmet in comparison. Yes it is disgusting, considering the high price-point they’re making you pay for this crap.

I tried their Taiwanese Fried Chicken meal, which came with a lackluster serving of tasteless, unevenly fried rice and a rather sad-looking egg. Frankly, if they can’t even master the art of creating a decent plate of fried rice, it’s a clear sign that their cooking skills are seriously lacking. After all, fried rice is pretty much basic survival food. But alas, we all fell for the illusion they had crafted on social media.

Now, as if that disappointing main course wasn’t enough, they also throw in a small, pathetic buffet of cold dishes that seem to be made of solidified grease, along with some uninspiring salads and fried frozen fare, all in a bid to make you believe you’re getting a great deal. They even offer up some mee sua that tastes like plain cornstarch braised in a mishmash of spices, along with a seemingly endless supply of bubble tea.

My order alone, set me back about $25 before tax. This is fine, IF, the food was good. On that particular evening, there were four of us, and together we paid nearly $150 (with tax) for this utter disappointment. It’s safe to say that the individuals behind this establishment are simply jerking off your hard-earned money. Nothing more. Food so bad, price so expensive - you really wonder how this is even legal.

Save yourself the trouble and steer clear of this rip-off joint. While it might be gaining traction among the Gen-Z crowd who might not know any better, respect yourself enough to never succumb to this exaggerated, BS hype.

After all, Wong Fu Fu clearly doesn’t respect and value you enough to serve up decent food at such a high price point.

Wong Fu Fu is SG first Taiwanese muslim-friendly hot plate eatery with a mini buffet spread and a DIY bubble tea bar.
For each hot plate main, it comes sizzling hot with a sunny-side up egg and your choice of carbs (white rice, egg fried rice, udon, or spaghetti). And top it with your preferred sauce - brown, mushroom, black pepper or tomato sauce. The Taiwan Fried Chicken ($25.90) is a top favourite as it's crispy and juicy and seasoned with the all-so-familiar spicy powder.

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Very underwhelming hotplate with medicore selection of snacks at the buffet bar

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🍗 Grilled Chicken + Taiwan Egg Fried Rice + Black Pepper Sauce
This dish was easily our favourite. The Taiwan Egg Fried Rice was fragrant and cooked to perfection. The grilled chicken was also cooked well, with a juicy and tender texture that paired perfectly with the rice. But what really set this dish apart was the black pepper sauce. The sauce was rich and complemented the flavours of the chicken and rice beautifully, and we found ourselves wanting more with every bite.

🍗 Grilled Chicken + Udon + Signature Brown Sauce
The first thing that caught our attention was the aroma of the signature brown sauce. The flavour was rich and savoury. The grilled chicken was perfectly cooked, with a juicy and tender texture that complemented the brown sauce nicely. The dish was well-balanced. However, the dish did get a bit heavy after a while. Despite this, we must emphasise how good the signature brown sauce was. It was the star of the dish, and would recommend ordering it again with other dishes on the menu.

🐟 Grilled Salmon + Taiwan Egg Fried Rice + Tomato Sauce
The flavours of the dish didn't quite match up. While the salmon was perfectly grilled and the egg fried rice was fluffy and flavorful, the tomato sauce seemed out of place. The tomato sauce had a texture that was more akin to dried marinara than the fresh tomato sauce we were expecting. This dish didn’t live up to our expectations. However if you're feeling adventurous, you may give this dish a try and you might just find the combination to your liking!

Each main dish comes with a mini buffet bar and a D.I.Y bubble tea station, so we were thrilled to try them out. The buffet had a wide selection of options, including Chilled Marinated King Oyster Mushroom with Chili Oil, Mee Sua, and Grilled Corn with Taiwan spices. While some of the sides were delicious, we felt that a few didn't quite live up to our expectations. The bubble tea is perfect for those who prefer a creamier, milkier tea, and the boba was delightfully chewy.

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Feature : Grilled Seafood with pasta.
Diners can choose the carbs and the sauce to accompany the hotplate (I chose pasta and mushroom sauce)
The al dente pasta served with 2 big prawns, salmon, squid and clams. It’s coming with sunny side egg and mushroom sauce.

PS : There is an 80-minute dining time limit and Wong Fu Fu in the midst of applying for halal certification.

@wongfufusg have promotion “Dine 4 Pay 3” till 21th March 2023.

📍Wong Fu Fu.
776 North Bridge Road.
Singapore, 198744

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Went during dinner time on the day it open 23/02/23 and was excited about it. The more I expect, the more my disappointment. The mushroom sauce was kind of bland. Also, instead of 2 sauces you can choose from as advertised, you can only choose 1.

The milk tea was not mixed with sugar syrup so you can customise how sweet you want so is good and have 8 topping in total.

However the sides was limited and turnaround time was slow and limited not like those posted in social media replenish fast. Sides taste normal.

Overall, I wouldn't pay for the price unless they improve the item offered or turnaround time